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Cat Journey

Help the Cat rescue his sister!

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Game Description

Aid the Cat in rescuing his sister! Take in its distinctive style and original soundtrack.

Explore an enthralling realm alongside the Red Cat in the astounding 2D action platformer 'Cat Journey'!


Fascinating Tale: The sister of the Cat faces danger! Accompany him on an imaginative voyage to save the family amid a realm brimming with secrets, conflicts, and marvels.

A 2D World That Comes Alive: In this exciting 2D platformer, each level is a brand new adventure as you navigate through lush forests and mysterious underground dungeons.

Fascinating Foes: Face off against a range of adversaries, each needing a different strategy. From mages of old to ghosts of the forest!

Secrets and Strong Gear: To go even stronger, find uncommon blueprints, pick up powerful weaponry, and master magical skills.

Furry Allies: Get to know Leo and Richie, two amiable feline storytellers who will regale you with tales of the myths and mysteries of this planet.

Unique Music: Use our specially curated soundtrack to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of 'Cat Journey'.


Gamepad Support: Use your gamepad to gently control the cat and move through the levels. With its controller adaptation, the game offers an even more seamless and intuitive gameplay experience.

For everyone who enjoys action platformers and adventures, Cat Journey is going to be an incredible discovery! Are you up for a challenge?

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