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Cat Escape!

Don't get caught!

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Game Description

Control the cutest perky kitten in an action packed adventure. Cat Escape is the one unique, hilarious, and gratifying puzzle you need for a pawsome time among all the cat games available. Take charge of this cat rescue mission and meow your way out!

A Hit Cat Simulator with Mazing Twists


Each level of Cat Escape is a maze of traps and security guards armed with kitty detectors, nets, and the single directive on their minds: don't let this cat go away! Beware: the levels of this escape game become increasingly difficult! There aren't any dogs around, but there are plenty of power ups and places to hide:

Hideouts: To avoid the guards when playing hide and seek, sneak inside a closet, a fantastic hideout! This refuge is secure until you are ready to resume your pet rescue operation.

If you come upon a bowl of cat chow, eat it! It's so healthy that it will instantly transform your sweet tomcat into a mean kitty capable of knocking down walls.

Plant Cat Costume: By wearing one, you can pretend to be a plant rather than a kitten. Play peekaboo with your adversaries and mislead them all. Perfect stealth is ensured!

Guns: If you want to be a fierce warrior cat, our puzzle kitty game allows you to do so. To feel like you dominate this cat world, use weaponry to beat out guards, damage walls, or even get inside a tank!

Portals: Use these to instantly teleport to another region of the room and continue your cat quest.

Buttons: Press buttons to remove electric traps or pet barriers that prevent your pet from escaping. Or maybe set a trap and shock the guards?

Ginger Cat is completely customizable.

If you grow tired of the yellow cat you started with, it's time to switch things up! You can change the cat's breed, siamese, white, or even gray like Tom, or transform it into something altogether different: vampire, unicorn, spider, pirate, detective... The list goes on and on! Mix and match your skin with the numerous possible trails, including hearts, feathers, bubbles, rainbows, and some extra crazy alternatives. You have to see them!. It's so simple to customize your kitty in this cat simulation puzzle to match your mood or the level you're playing. Keep your adventure stylish!

Hundreds of Levels to Please Everyone

Cat Escape is a pleasing blend of charming and hilarious, challenging and relaxing, that will keep your attitude upbeat and your senses tickled throughout the game. Cat Escape is a sensory treat with its clean and colorful 3D graphics, ASMR like purring, and tapping of the small paws.

One paw at a time, sneak, conceal, and dash to the exit. Move through hundreds of levels by using logic and brain power. In this brain game, you'll visit a cat school, a museum, and even a vampire mansion, all of which are designed to make life difficult for your cat. Don't worry, you've got what it takes to get to the end and enjoy every second: Cat Escape is the one feel good hit that always keeps you interested and delighted among other cat games.


Let the Hide and Seek begin!

Enough said: download Cat Escape for free and see for yourself why it is so popular among cat game aficionados and beyond. Enjoy it, and don't forget to check out the rest of Sunday's fun, addictive, and innovative hyper casual games.

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