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Casting Away

The ultimate fishing survival game!

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Game Description

You are a well known movie celebrity traveling to a holiday spot in a private plane. The jet was struck by lightning in an instant. You crashed on an uninhabited island that is not even shown on the map, and awaked on a beach by yourself. A peculiar atmosphere permeates the entire island, and you discover an odd altar as well as strange diamonds made from dead fish. Is this a typical uninhabited island, or something more?

To survive on a deserted, lonely island, start fishing.


Create your own unique island! Build structures by gathering resources from the sea, and you'll be able to handle a variety of tasks on your own.

Fish of all kinds can be caught in the sea. There are gorgeous, enigmatic fish to be caught. You might locate some floating chests if you're lucky!

Not just fish, either! You can prepare and consume food using a variety of items that you obtain from your animals.

A boat may take you out to sea! Fish come in an even wider diversity.

Enjoy the stunning sunsets and moonlight reflecting off the water. Provides a stunning view of the sun rising and the moon setting in real time.

The soothing murmur of waves. If you're worn out, the soothing sound of the waves will transport you to a serene place.


Raise a variety of fish in your personal aquarium! By gathering hearts from the fish, you can unlock treasure chests.

You can fish deeper if the fishing line is longer! In the deep sea, you can capture bigger fish. But you can only get there if you can stay away from the little people.

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