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Carnival Fair Food Maker

Enjoy making all sorts of fair foods!

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Game Description

Super Fun Carnival Food Fair Cooking Game. Fry food, Pogos, French fries, hamburgers, pizzas, milkshakes, ice cream, and more!

A carnival fair is the ideal venue to sample delicious dishes. Fair Food Maker lets you experience the fun of the fair!


Choose from a variety of flavors, delicious candy toppings, and decorations. Can you create the coolest snow cone? The best funnel cake? The most stunning cotton candy? Make them all!

Let's get cooking and see how many different carnival favorites you can create. Make sure you have all of the necessary components on hand before beginning to prepare the greatest food possible. Do you think you can surprise your friends and family with some delicious dishes? Test it out today!

Make Fantastic Foods!

  • Cotton candy!
  • Snow cone!
  • Funnel cake!



  • A fun food-making game.
  • Make delicious dishes from scratch.
  • Lots of realistic cooking instruments to experiment with, including a spatula, cooking pan, knife, oven, food blender, and much more.
  • Lots of food supplies and decorations to test, including flour, sparkling sugar, sauces, olive oil, salt, milk, eggs, sprinkles, sweets, fruits, and much more.


  • Play the game with the interactive controls.
  • Experiment with different utensils to prepare your cuisine.
  • Mix various ingredients to produce a unique flavor and color for your cuisine.
  • Decorate your cuisine with gorgeous sprinkles, sweets, fruits, and cream toppings and enjoy the delicious foods.

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