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Captain Tsubasa: Ace

Bring your football dream to life!

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Game Description

'Captain Tsubasa: Ace' is a mobile football game based on the 'Captain Tsubasa' IP. Players can control characters such as Tsubasa Ozora and Kojiro Hyuga, performing stunning football maneuvers, reliving exciting fight scenes, experimenting with different gaming modes, and relishing in the adrenaline of football clashes.

Officially Licensed Intellectual Property! Bring Your Football Dream to Life!


  • 'Captain Tsubasa: Ace' maintains the series' original settings while vividly bringing to life the sparkling moments of characters such as Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, and Genzo Wakabayashi with 3D animation. Players may control these renowned footballers on the field, rushing for the love of the game and battling for every triumph!

Battles in real time! Formations Strategic! A Variety of Gameplay Is Awaiting Your Selection!

  • 'Captain Tsubasa: Ace' features two modes of play: Dream League and Ace Showdown. Dream League focuses on strategic formations, whereas Ace Showdown concentrates on real time action. Different development paths for the same player can substantially impact his on field performance and skill strategies as you train them. Dream League and Ace Showdown modes provide thrilling experiences tailored to your preferences, whether you like real time gameplay or strategic preparation.

Unleash the Entire Roster! Popular Performers Take the Stage!


  • Many people have followed Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, Taro Misaki, and Ryo Ishizaki's journey from childhood to adulthood, and their stories are packed with fire and fervor. They're back, and they're eager to shine in 'Captain Tsubasa: Ace.' In the future, even more formidable players will join them on the field. Follow in the footsteps of renowned players and relive Tsubasa Ozora's and others' exciting football adventure!

A classic plot! Iconic Moments Recreated to Perfection!

  • Every match necessitates your best efforts! 'Captain Tsubasa: Ace' brings back the classic animation storylines. The game's high quality 3D visuals faithfully reproduce the daily chases of dreams, moments of youth, and other amazing scenarios. Rekindle your enthusiasm and emotions, and let's pursue our common goal of playing football together!

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