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Can You Escape

Travel From Room to Room and Solve Unique Puzzles at Every Turn!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Only the Clever Can Escape!

Nobody likes to get locked inside a room with no visible way out, but that’s exactly what you’re about to experience in Can You Escape! You wake up to find yourself locked in a very mundane-looking chamber with only one exit and no key in sight. If you want to get out and get on with your life, then you’re going to have to be a little more creative than usual.

It will be up to you to poke around the room and find things you can use to get out in a timely manner. Just be warned: you’re in a really big building with an indeterminate number of rooms. Better put your thinking cap on; you’re going to be here for a while.


An Immersive Experience

Can You Escape plays like the classical first-person point-and-click adventure games of yore. You have to look around the world you have been immersed in and manipulate it in ways that allow you to progress further. This game brings that experience to the world of mobile gaming and boils it down to its bare and beautiful essentials through a series of puzzles that escalate in challenge the further on you go.

  • Explore the environment and examine objects closely with a few taps of your finger.
  • Collect an array of items and tools, each of which boast certain functions that, when applied correctly, will bring you one step closer to freedom.
  • Solve environmental puzzles. Shine a light down a dark hole to find a key at the bottom, use a knife to open up a sealed package, jack up a car, and more!

Play Minigames

It’s not always about interacting with the environment. Sometimes, the way out will require you to complete a puzzle that comes in the form of a minigame. There are a countless variety of these things to solve and each successive one gets even wilder than the one before.


  • Slide and rotate tiles around to form a perfect picture of a horse.
  • Punch in the correct combination of colors on a most unique lockbox.
  • Insert the right keycards into their corresponding slots and code in the correct colors for them.
  • Solve dozens of mathematical riddles.
  • And much more!

There is No Escape from Can You Escape!

In Can You Escape, you get to experience an old-school point-and-click romp filled to the absolute brim with all manner of puzzles. It’s got logical puzzles, mathematical puzzles, environmental puzzles, and all that great stuff we have come to expect from the genre. The best part is that the gives it to us for absolutely nothing. Can You Escape can be downloaded for iOS or Android device for free at no extra cost.

New material is also always being made, so be sure to check back with the game in case any new updates come along. You never know when some cool new puzzle or room will show up to demand even more thinking from you. If you enjoy puzzle-solving like nothing else, then pick up Can You Escape today and answer the title for all that you’re worth!

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