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Call of Dragons

Big wars require tough choices. Your journey begins here!

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Game Description

The RoK Team has released a new game! Catch behemoths for combat. Utilize hero abilities to help allies. Deploy flying units over 3D terrain. Massive conflicts, numerous options. Your journey begins right here!

Call of Dragons is an MMO fantasy conquest game developed by the same team that created Rise of Kingdoms, and it offers an excellent strategic fighting experience.


All New Behemoth Battle System: Fight alongside your teammates to destroy powerful Behemoths, then summon them as your secret weapon in PvP engagements!

Freedom to Fight: Create your plan using really 3D terrain, command flying armies to traverse mountains and rivers, and unleash tremendous fighting talents to lead your friends to victory in massive scale fantasy battles!

An Immersive Fantasy World: Gather elves, orcs, frost wizards, and a plethora of other mystical heroes. Go to the mysterious Firefly Tree, the terrifying Ice Spires, and other wonderful wonders to experience a vast fantasy realm like no other.

Behemoths must be hunted and tamed: Behemoths, giant ancient animals like Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and mighty and deadly Dragons, infest Tamaris. Stand side to shoulder with your allies to subdue them, then teach them to be your hidden weapon. So, when you're in a need, send out Behemoths to crush your foes!

Free Unit Healing: Injured units can be automatically healed without using any resources. Declare war, challenge other gamers, and battle to the death! Experience the excitement of the battlefield without having to worry about your stockpiles. Your journey to conquest begins right now!

Many Fascinating Creatures: Tamaris is home to many unique races, including noble Elves, strong Orcs, cunning Satyrs, intelligent Treants, gorgeous Forest Eagles, and exotic Celestials. Each of these races has the potential to join your forces and lead them to triumph. Meanwhile, Hydras, Giant Bears, Thunder Rocs, and other dreadful animals lurk...

Mighty Hero Abilities:  Assign great heroes to command your armies, and train them to employ incredible skills such as turning invisible, charging across the battlefield in an instant, or unleashing devastating AoE strikes! Master the battlefield before striking at a vital juncture to alter the tide of battle and win victory!

3D Terrain and Flying Legions: Use the rich and varied 3D landscape to launch quick attacks, defend your position, and launch air raids to smash the opponent with cunning. Deploy flying troops to unleash a deadly blow across gorges, deserts, rivers, and mountains!


Extend, Exploit, Discover, and Exterminate: The kingdom's prosperity is in your control. Improve your structures and technology, train troops, gather resources, expand your domain, and show Tamaris that you are worthy to reign!

Every Unit Counts: Battle as a group! Whether you're assaulting the front lines, maintaining crucial routes, or erecting defensive walls, everyone can contribute to keeping the battlefield running smoothly. Your triumph depends on it!

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