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Bunny Shooter

Fire Tricky Shots and Take Out Every Last Thieving Bunny!

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(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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Game Description

It’s Rabbit Hunting Season!

Don’t those rascally rabbits make you so mad? You were just hanging out at home, polishing your carrot trophies, admiring photos of your favorite carrots, and trying to decide on a new carrot-themed wallpaper pattern to get for your living room, when you looked outside all of a sudden and saw the worst thing imaginable. Bunnies were making off with the carrots you put your blood, sweat, tears and money in to grow.

It’s time to teach them a lesson. Grab your trusty bow and start hunting!


Armed with an array of arrows that are capable of causing all sorts of wanton destruction, you have almost everything you need to put those pests on the endangered species list once and for all. Arrows are in short supply though, so use them wisely.

Use the environment and the very laws of physics to your advantage as you take out the bunnies with swift and cunning efficiency. Prove to them that you are not just any old meek and mild carrot farmer. You are the Bunny Shooter!

Wreck the Rabbits

Bunny Shooter is exactly what it says on the title. It’s a physics-based artillery puzzler where you shoot bunnies. Don’t let the simplicity of the title fool you. This game requires a whole lot more thinking than you would normally expect. It’s not enough that you have to shoot bunnies, but you have to find creative ways to dispose of them.

  • For the quick and dirty solution, just fire arrows directly into the rabbits. Remember, you can’t spell “archery” without “arch.”
  • Launch arrows straight up into the air and wait for them to fall point down.
  • Shoot loose rocks to send them rolling and right on top of those pesky bunnies.
  • Bounce arrows off of metal surfaces and hit rabbits whom believe in the safety of oddly-angled hideaways.
  • Fire at ropes to break them and cause even more lapin destruction.
  • Set off bombs to send bunnies and debris flying in all directions.
  • And much more!

Equip Yourself with the Latest and Greatest Archery Technology

Hunting rabbits with a bow and arrow might seem a little antiquated nowadays, but in the world of Bunny Shooter, it may very well be the most advanced weapon in the world! New developments in archery technology have allowed for arrows to be fletched with all sorts of amazing new gizmos and doodads, making them suitable for most any situation.

  • Shoot regular arrows to take out rabbits, cause basic destruction, and pull off trick shots.
  • Fire explosive arrows to blow bunnies and the surrounding terrain to pieces.
  • The tips of bouncy ball arrows detach and bounce around to cause even more destruction.
  • Use the arrows you have wisely; each level only gives you so many to shoot.

Play Again and Again

Bunny Shooter includes as many hours of playtime as it does bunnies. With so much content available, you may find that there is no real reason to ever put it down.


  • Complete 60 challenging puzzles.
  • Hunt the rabbits down to the farthest corners of the Earth. Shoot them in your backyard, in the Arizona desert, across the tropical beaches, and even in their dark underground lairs.
  • Shoot straight and true! Expend as few arrows as possible to get a three-star grade. See if you can get a perfect score on every level.

Put Your Hunting Cap On

If you’re in the market for a challenging and humorous puzzle game, then you’re in luck. Bunny Shooter is exactly that and more, with its goofy cartoon visuals and emphasis on environmental puzzles. Few other artillery games offer you as many opportunities to get creative with your destruction as this one.

Best of all, you can play it for free. With Bunny Shooter, every season is rabbit season!

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