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Build Master: MarsVille

You are the chosen one. Carefully selected to build this city from scratch

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Game Description

Welcome to MarsVille Build Master! You have been chosen to develop this metropolis from the ground up. You must show yourself worthy of the title 'Master Builder' by accomplishing missions and challenges with expert planning and execution skills.

Your first objective is to locate a good location where you may construct and extract resources. With the place determined, a new challenge emerges: locating construction materials. After all, you'll require a roof. You must apply your knowledge of resource extraction techniques such as mining or timber harvesting.


After gathering sufficient resources, it is time to construct anything, such as bridges and roads! Soon, large gaps are bridged, and a bustling industrial hub with factories and shops begins to take shape. You decide to plan convenient transportation networks to ensure that products and services are delivered efficiently.

As your town grows and becomes a large metropolis, there will be plenty of room for more inhabitants, both human and alien, who may take advantage of tempting housing and amenity bargains. Your city will soon become a vibrant, life filled center!

So, are you ready to have an unforgettable experience? Grab your phone, and possibly some food, and join us on this interstellar journey right now!

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