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BTS Cooking On

Spread joy all throughout the world with the magic of food!

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Game Description

A cooking competition to become a world-class chef is underway.

Embark on a gastronomic journey across the world with TinyTAN, a BTS character!


Spread joy all over the world using the magic of food, and flood the planet with brilliant purple bliss.

You, the chef, are about to embark on an intriguing trip in which you will gain new talents and make friends from all over the world.

New Collectible Global Cooking Game

  • Put an end to serving plain meals and improve your eateries.
  • You can go on a one-of-a-kind gastronomic journey while earning gorgeous TinyTAN photocards for free just by playing.

Cooking On Exclusive TinyTAN Photocards

  • Decorate a profile book or your own diary with distinctive photocards that come in a variety of themes and qualities.
  • Equip the binder for each song and play to effortlessly obtain photocards.

TinyTAN Festival Makeover

  • Clear stages with your cooking talents and experience TinyTAN's on-stage mayhem.
  • BTS's tracks range from Butter, DNA, MIC Drop, and more.

Many Cities, Many Dishes

  • You may finish a variety of delicious international dishes with the tap of a finger, including tteokbokki, hamburgers, pizza, and many more.
  • Fast supply of goodies like as ice cream, candy, and more is critical to mission success.
  • Discovering TinyTAN components in a number of attractive towns throughout the world is another enjoyable challenge.
  • Take pleasure in the simplicity and convenience of cooking.

Endless Fun in One Game


  • The game contains a variety of enjoyable aspects, including minigames such as puzzles and the fortunate wheel, as well as the World Chef Challenge for experienced chefs.
  • Join a club to collaborate with other TinyTAN fans and chef masters and enjoy club stuff together.

Anyone Can Become a Chef

  • Travel to several cities and encounter a variety of consumers, each with their own unique personality.
  • Dive into the story of a new chef who will warm up your heart and discover several eateries till every customer
  • A couple on a date, a family picnic, or pals singing along to music all bring a grin to their faces.

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