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Brightwood Adventures

Rebuild the Village of King Lionheart Within the Depths of Dark Forest.

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Game Description

Restore the King’s Lost Legacy

A fantastic discovery has just been made! Deep within the Dark Forest, the ruins of King Lionheart’s lost village have been found. Naturally, many animal citizens have begun to journey to this historic site. Unfortunately, it’s been reduced to a few ruins in a clearing. Lionheart’s legacy has seen better days. With your help, it might start to see even better ones in the near future when you build a woodland village of your very own over it.

Populate your town with a variety of colorful and adorable woodland animal people. Provide the citizens with food, shelter and security, and they’ll come flocking to your meadow in no time. Keep it up and you’ll usher in a new golden age that hasn’t been seen since the days of King Lionheart himself.


A Forest Society of Your Own

Woodland animals have been a staple of fiction for a long time. From Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows to Disney’s Robin Hood, we’ve been fascinated by the possibilities of animals forming their own civilizations. With Brightwood Adventures, you can finally create one such society yourself, with all the beauty and charm the classics have provided.

  • Build a pristine village in a bright and colorful forest.
  • Meet dozens of unique-looking characters, like Wally Bearclaw and Rowan the red panda. Watch them all come to life as they go about their day, chop down trees, erect buildings, and more.
  • Attract all kinds of exotic people to your village, including ducks, deer, mice, penguins, monkeys, snakes and even the undead.

Making a Woodland Village

Creating an entire woodland village from scratch will be a huge undertaking. You need sufficient agriculture, industry and security to keep the inhabitants happy. Better roll up your sleeves, sharpen your axe, and start laying out your plans. Making a successful village will require a lot of grit and a strategic mind.

  • Search the edge of the forest to clear away vegetation, expand your territory, and find lost friends.
  • Harvest the land for precious resources. Acquire rocks from boulders, wood from trees, herbs from beehives, and more.
  • Plant crops to generate resources that can’t always be found. Water your plants and make sure they grow big and strong.
  • Generate income by building houses and marketplaces.
  • Set up all sorts of exotic buildings and businesses for your village. Build a smithy, barbershop, schoolhouse, café, gym, water park, dark park and more.

Set Out on Your Quest

Building your village is only half the game. Questing will be the other. Everyone has problems that need to be solved, and you’re the only one with the wherewithal to do it. Quests are a great way to earn money and experience, and they’ll unlock new helpers and buildings for you. Do the right thing and lend a hand to your woodland friends.


  • Look for Wally’s missing father.
  • Collect coffee beans within an allotted amount of time.
  • Explore underground caverns to find hidden treasures.
  • Find the king’s lost gazebo.
  • And much more!

Come to the Forest!

Brightwood Adventures is one of the most charming and gorgeous village-building games you can get for your mobile device. The characters are exquisitely designed, the forest is vibrant, and the buildings are creative. Best of all, it’s all yours to craft for free!

Come brighten the Dark Forest up with Wally and the gang in Brightwood Adventures.

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