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Brick Breaker: Journeys

Put your strategy skills to the test!

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Game Description

Brick Breaker: Journeys is an exciting and action packed brick crusher puzzle game with a twist! Set out on an amazing trip in this free and enjoyable brick breaking game, which takes you on fast paced and nostalgic journeys filled with numerous hard stages! It's time to put your strategy knowledge to the test.

Dive into a recreated classic puzzle game with a novel twist: no paddles, just a slew of balls to aim and fire at intricate brick patterns. Blast your way through each level and feel the rush of clearing all the bricks to move on to the next stage. Use your abilities, intellect, and puzzle brain ability to clear the boards, but don't worry, there will be plenty of power ups to help you blast through all the bricks.



  • Brick Breaker: Journeys is completely free to play!
  • Journeys: With our novel stage generator, you can explore 10 stage setups with unique physics, limitless block patterns, and boards.
  • Extended Aiming Guide Line: Use this free feature to aim three 'bounces' forward, making your brick breaking experience even more enjoyable.
  • Generated Stages: Take on over 3,000 exciting stages spread across 300 Journeys, all generated by our cutting edge stage generator.
  • Power Ups: Unlock special abilities such as lightning and bombs to smash unbreakable bricks.
  • Diamond Collection: Find gems buried within bricks and exchange them for Ball Skins in game.
  • Ball Shop: Unlock unique ball skins to personalize the appearance of your shooting ball.
  • XP: Level up your game by accumulating XP at the end of each stage.

Experience the puzzle game that seems like a fun throwback! The gameplay is similar to that of the traditional 'Breakout' game, but with a more futuristic look and feel. Explore the infinite possibilities of produced stages, and don't forget to gather diamonds so you may customize your game with Ball Skins. Brick Breaker: Journeys is a high octane puzzle game in which you must clear the boards using logic, problem solving skills, and skilled precision. Let's test if you've got what it takes to blow through all of the bricks in one shot!

Are you ready to go on this exciting brick crushing adventure? Now is the time to download Brick Breaker: Journeys and become the ultimate brick breaker champion!

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