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Blade of God

Blade of God is an immersive hardcore 3D action RPG

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Game Description

The game is inspired by Norse mythology.

You will take on the role of Chaos, a hero with extraordinary blood. To save your family, you must make difficult choices between sin and salvation, survival and annihilation.



Extreme Combat

  • Combo, counter, riding, transformation, perfect dodge, QTE, and other similar moves.
  • Over 50 scenarios in various styles, with about 50 huge animals and fallen gods. Players can catch fallen souls and use their strength in battle.

Fantastic Mythology


  • There are nine kingdoms in the game world: the story takes place between Odin, Thor, Loki, and four Fallen Gods.
  • You have a choice of several endings: The plot's various decisions will alter Heim and Esther's trust, determining the final outcome.

Dark Art Form

  • We depict imaginary myths in the dark art style, blending the imagination and inspiration of numerous artists.
  • At the same time, we are committed to each character's action design in order to create interesting conflicts for the gamers.

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