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Black Clover M

Unleash your inner magic and rise to become the Wizard King in this immersive magic adventure RPG!

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Game Description

A mage known as the 'Wizard King' saved a world that was on the verge of being destroyed by a demon. Years later, this enchanted realm is once again enveloped in peril. Asta, a youngster born without magic, aspires to become the 'Wizard King', hoping to demonstrate his powers and fulfill a long standing vow to his pals.

Black Clover is a licensed RPG based on the popular 'Shonen Jump' Shueisha and TV Tokyo anime series. Immerse yourself in a magnificent fantasy world, enjoy classic original narratives, and enjoy simple strategy turn based gameplay. Gather your favorite characters, train a formidable magic knight squad, and set out on the path to become the Wizard King.


High quality scenes elevate combat to a new level.

  • This game, built using the UE4 engine and featuring high quality 3D modeling, gives an ultimate representation of the classic plot, displaying outstanding visual flair in combat. Each character has their own distinct animation, resulting in seamless and interesting conflicts that test the gaming market's aesthetics. Mages have different responsibilities and skills, which allows for versatile character formations and even beautiful link movements with connected characters, showcasing the actual bonds and adventure experiences between partners.

Tactical turn based RPG based on classic team battles

  • Everyone can enjoy fast paced fighting with just one tap. Collect unique Mage characters to form your own Magic Knights team. By partnering with squad members, each character can unleash their famous skills, form multiple Link Moves, and recreate epic fight scenes. Choose your Magic Knights team members to create your own fighting style!

Break through the ranks and help your favorite characters.

  • Invite original Black Clover characters to your squad by summoning Mages. Interact with your favorite characters and obtain upgrade materials simply by using them in game and developing your bond with them via the Bond System. Every pull counts! Unlock the potential of all your characters without being picky about your collection, because every character is useful as you level them up. Rank up and promote your mage to the top, regardless of grade, and enjoy exclusive artwork on their character pages as well as a variety of special costumes. It's time to collect hundreds of mages, each with their own distinct style!

Diverse dungeons for a fun battle experience

  • There are several challenges accessible, including 'Quest,' which recreates the anime storyline, 'Raid,' for advanced difficulties, 'Memory Hall,' for competing against bosses, 'Arena,' for exhilarating PvP experiences, and 'Time limited Challenge,' which pits you against fearsome foes. Furthermore, players can join their own private guilds and compete in 'Squad Battle' with other members, with numerous difficulty modes to satisfy your fighting needs!

Cooking, fishing, and exploring the Magic Kingdom are all options.


  • The Magic Kingdom is a meticulously crafted environment full of hidden jewels and minute intricacies. It breaks up the monotony of single task missions by allowing players to gather resources via 'Patrol Stages' that can be idled. In addition, players can explore the magical environment and engage in activities such as acquiring cooking supplies, fishing, and reliving the original Black Clover in a new way!

Original voice actors for Black Clover

  • The game includes full Japanese voice acting with the original anime voice actors, including a star studded ensemble including Gakuto Kajiwara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kana Yuuki, Junichi Suwabe, Daisuke Ono, and more.

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