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Get ready for nonstop action with BattleZone!

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Game Description

This multiplayer shooting game is for you if you like offline shooters, Multiplayer PVP, Competitive multiplayer games, FPS, and being a sniper.

Battle against players from all over the world in BattleZone. Win the global title in this FPS PVP tactical shooter game. AAA quality gun game with dynamic current BattleZone tactical shooter graphics. Join PvP shooter fights in stressful conflict first person shooters to win and rule the globe!


Most popular tactical multiplayer exhilarating FPS shooting combat scenarios for competitive multiplayer games Single or multiplayer PVP battles in military games. Increase your rank to defeat global champions and earn cash to purchase new, improved weapons. Play every day to earn free rewards and tactical shooter daily chores! 30 distinct upgraded weapon types in multiplayer Combat pistols, AWP sniper rifles, assault rifles, dynamic machine guns, swat shotguns, tactical shooter weapons, and other modern special ops weaponry are examples of military games.

Counter-Attack 5v5 PvP on PC Shooting range maps are fast paced tactical multiplayer games with varying FPS, realistic graphics, and their own unique flair! Enjoy fantastic offline games. Play competitive multiplayer games with your own rules and become the world's best player! To win the most realistic Multiplayer shooting experience, you'll need good tactical shooter FPS experience and tactics, strategic thinking, and collaboration! Find your opponent's weak points and exploit them!


Team Deathmatch

  • TDM! Two tactical shooter teams compete in a head to head contest. Destroy your shooting range. By fragging your Multiplayer opponents, you can shoot them out! Protect your region with your pals!


  • A competitive Shooting range matchmade tactical shooter modification of Defuse puts operators against one another for Shootout points and ranked advancement. You can climb to the top of the ladder! 


  • Players compete in teams or individually to eliminate the other team or player in a fast paced tactical game. At the end of the game, the team or player who has won the most rounds is proclaimed the winner.


  • Frontline is a popular game mode. It is played by two teams, each vying for possession of a central objective or territory on the map. Players can be classified as assault, sniper, support, or medic, each having their own set of abilities and weaponry.

Free for All


  • Every player competes against each other to see who can get the most kills. Every player is on their own and must compete with every other player. The goal is to get the most kills in a specific amount of time or up to a certain number of kills.


  • In many first-person shooter games, hardcore mode is a popular game mode. It entails a more realistic and difficult gameplay experience in which players have limited resources and take more harm.

Get ready for nonstop action with BattleZone!

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