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Battle of Polestar

Gather your band of interstellar comrades to break into alien planets, become the starry sky overlord, and light the light of the Envoys!

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Game Description

The old empire has gone, and new crises have emerged. Ambitious men are stirring in the stars' shadows! I shall make the stars in the sky my source of power and dispel the darkness that shrouds the starry sky!

A global catastrophe could occur at any time. Flesh and blood are feeble, but machinery is on the rise. I've come to rescue the universe from the Stardust Cataclysm! I want my light to shine brightly throughout this huge cosmos!



A Magnificent Galaxy: Free Exploration in an Open World!

  • The magnificent universe of galactic adventure took three years to develop! There are many huge universes to explore!
  • See the stunning panorama of the universe in 3D free perspective
  • The Milky Way is teeming with life. Deep marine scenes can be seen on the alien star. The Galaxy's core is incredibly prosperous. This vibrant and chaotic environment will enchant your eyes!

Cosmic Hegemony: Rebirth and modification, make me fly!

  • Unusual four major career systems, 16 major transfer branches, free transfer, and the ability to change whenever you choose!
  • The Solar Flare saves the Earth, while the Lunar Eclipse destroys it. But how many dominances can there be in one? After all, I am in charge of my own life!

Fate of the Stars: Despite the fact that millions of people socialize, I am only pleased with one.


  • Gather a diverse range of galactic companions, collaborate to explore the ruins and break into numerous alien planets, become the starry sky overlord, and illuminate the light of Envoys!
  • Join your friends and loved ones in Neptune's pool party, hunt animals at the edge of the universe, and fight for the Genesis Artifacts at the center of the starfield. You can do anything fun with your friends!
  • Greatest Weaponry: All the stars in the sky become my weapons.

    • Refining and forging Genesis Artifacts in order to produce a magnificent weapon, aid in my cross service war, and become King of the Stars!

    Envoys require funding as well! Cross server trading is permitted. If I can't become a Hollywood legend, I'll become a millionaire!

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