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Battle Legion

Battle Legion puts you in the shoes of an aspiring commander as you and your legion rank up through glory on the battlefield!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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Game Description

Create and modify your army using hundreds of distinctive troops, including traditional sword and shield combatants, magical arcana, ancient technology, and fantastical animals. Give your soldiers the abilities that correspond to your strategy, then sit back and watch as they battle opposing enemy legions until the very end.

QUICK BATTLES: Battles last no more than 20 seconds in a bite-sized conflict.


CASUAL GAMING: You design the army layout, and they handle the combat.

AUTOPLAY: As you go about your everyday activities, your legion continues to battle.

COSMETICS: Decide how your army, battleground, and banner look.


PLAYER BATTLES: Engage in combat with other players and study their tactics.

POWER UP: Add some seasonal flair to your units.

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