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Battle Derby

Play, crash and have fun in this multplayer battle royale!

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Game Description

Enter the vibrant Battle Derby arena and engage in tremendous bouts! Control the game, outwit opponents, and grasp strategy. Come on in and enjoy endless action and gaming fun!

Prepare for conflict in Battle Derby, the best vehicle combat and Battle Royale game! Select from more than 150 different vehicles, each with special features and weaponry. Invest in a better vehicle, decide on a plan of attack, and play one of three exhilarating game styles.


Deathmatch: Be brutal, aggressive, and focused on taking quick action. In the shortest amount of time, the player who takes down the most opponents wins. A group of six or eight players enter the battlefield and equip themselves to defeat opponents and win. In less than four minutes, who will be the first to eliminate seven opponents?

Find & Destroy: In this mode, there's more action as you aim to eliminate as many opponents as you can. But be cautious, more enemies are out there!

Battle Royale: This game, which is meant for the most competitive gamers, matches 16 participants against one another. Find resources, make plans, and engage in combat until only one person is left. Select your starting point on the globe to give this high-stakes mode a strategic element. Beware the boundary that is closing in; those who remain outside risk extinction.


Trophies and money are awarded to you after you win a game. Gaining trophies enables you to move up the ranks and take on more skilled players. Use your coins wisely to improve the performance of your car in the upcoming combat. To obtain the crates, money, gems, and cards required for vehicle upgrades, finish difficult missions.

Do you possess the necessary skills to win the derby? Play Battle Derby, crash, and have a great time. It's time to excel, amass a collection of cars, and take the top spot! Are you prepared for combat?

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