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Barbarian Merge

Dive into the Great Conflict and defeat the Lord of Terror!

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Game Description

Barbarian Merge chronicles the barbarian's story as it unfolds during the Great Conflict between the Highest Heavens and the Lowest Hell. Play as the barbarian and discover the Sanctuary in a whole new light. In this universe, angels and demons are eternally at odds. Grow the barbarian by MERGING his equipment and begin on a fantastic adventure to prevent the demons from returning.

Merge to Strengthen


By merging them, you can level up and upgrade the barbarian's weapons, shields, helms, and boots. Reap the benefits of each victory and outfit your barbarian with increasingly powerful equipment. New pieces of equipment can be merged to an upgraded level as long as they are of the same type. Upgrade weapons for increased attacking power or protective gear for increased survival.

Fun and vibrant action, packed with content

This game is optimized for mobile devices and provides an adventure RPG experience without the need for sophisticated controls. All you have to do now is choose which components of your equipment to upgrade first and how to assign your character's attribute points. Overwhelm formidable opponents with a barrage of abilities to demonstrate the true meaning of hellfire.

Exciting Skills to Learn, Exciting Action

A massive globe spreads before your eyes, from war torn plains to majestic cities and gloomy jungles. You will encounter changing scenery and ever changing problems as you 'merge' your way through. When you're stuck for what to do next, look into the archangel's quests. Barbarian Merge is jam packed with content.


Combining Skills and Items to Make Your Own Barbarian

Find journey mates and infinite opportunities to become stronger together. Meet partners who will help you fight your way through dark dungeons, grow stronger, and always be by your side. In Barbarian Merge, you'll meet a new archer partner as well as other interesting people.

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