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Welcome to the scavengers' and survivalists' final battleground!

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Game Description

Hello, Badlanders!

Welcome to the scavengers' and survivalists' final battleground! Battlefields abound with goods for you to loot, plunder, and maraud! But keep in mind that only the fugitives get to retain their stuff!


Own Your Painstaking Gain

  • Keep in mind that bringing home the loot is the object of the game!
  • With Badlanders, you can flee with your well earned spoils and keep them for another time. You can either exchange them for money or upgrade/equip them for the upcoming game. Always shoot for the next game and keep your sights set on the goal!

Completely Modifiable Loadout

  • When it comes to loadout, the possibilities are endless!
  • For a unique battle experience, Badlanders offers a huge selection of attachments, objects, accessories, camouflages, and qualities!

Go Big or Go Home


  • >Strategically equip yourself to maximize your gain!
  • You don't have to start over after each match in Badlanders.
  • Bring your preferred weapons into battle and attack hard!

Player Driven Economy

  • Your options are to keep or trade!
  • >Everything you discover in Badlanders is tradable. Your success on the battlefield will depend on how well you do in the player driven economy!

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