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Gather a Flock and Navigate Through a World that Wants You Dead.

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Game Description

A Dangerous World Awaits Thee

Who are you? In the world of BADLAND, that is not important. All that matters is that you are weak and just about everything can kill you.

You can run, fly and roll away from the danger coming up behind you, but even the road ahead is filled with many hazards as well. In BADLAND, you will experience what it’s like to constantly be on the run. You have to keep moving. You can never stop, no matter what gets in your way.


What lies ahead of you is a whole other matter; there are spinning saw blades, boulders, spores, predators and other nasty things dotting the landscape. Your only hope is to rely on your wits, reflexes and a mishmash of situational powers. Can you survive the hazardous jungles of BADLAND? Flap your wings and you shall see.

Live Until the End

BADLAND isn’t named for being a safe and comfortable place. For the little fluffy creature you control, it is a dark and deadly world. Death lurks around every corner, and surviving for just a day is a victory in and of itself. Proceed only if you are fast, strong and clever.

  • Complete over 40 challenging levels in a gorgeously crafted atmospheric world.
  • Features fast and responsive one-button touchscreen controls. Press on the screen to fly upward. Let go to descend.
  • The screen is constantly scrolling. Stay on the move and don’t let it catch up to you.
  • Weave your way in and around hundreds of obstacles, including twisty corners, mechanized levers, spinning gears, vacuum pipes and more.
  • Gather strength with numbers. Recruit a flock of dust balls much like yourself and navigate through the world with as many of them as you can manage.
  • Split your flock up to explore different paths simultaneously. As long as one creature survives, you’re good to go.

The Power Can be Yours

You might be vulnerable, but you are not powerless. The world of BADLAND is filled with many wondrous substances. Their origin is a mystery, but touching them can cause something special to happen that may prove useful.


  • Hit cloning pods to create an entire swarm of creatures on the spot.
  • Increase the size of your creatures to allow them to smash through barriers.
  • Shrink the creatures down in size to fit them into narrow holes they could not otherwise get into.
  • Use the glue to stick your creatures together into more manageable clumps.
  • Change your shape to ease your way past deadly traps.
  • And much more!

Band Together

Although it’s easy to feel isolated in BADLAND, it does not need to be tackled alone. The game boasts a competitive multiplayer mode that adds a whole new hazard for you to contend with: other people!

  • Play with up to three other players on a single device.
  • Race to the end of the level and see who can survive the longest.
  • Play dirty. Use the physics to lure your opponents into traps and increase your own chances of winning.
  • Earn more points by finishing the race with more clones than the other players.

Worth It

BADLAND is challenging, unrelenting and merciless. However, if you are a gamer who thrives on that sort of gameplay, then it will delight you with its clever physics-based puzzles and unique mechanics. Combine all that with beautiful visuals and ambiance, and you have one of the best mobile games ever devised.

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