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Bad 2 Bad: Extinction

Go to war against the Tailless Legion!

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Game Description


  • Interesting people and stories
  • Survival in an open world
  • A range of character and gun customizations
  • Over 20 playable characters
  • More than 60 weapons and armors based on real world references
  • Maps and submissions are generated at random.
  • Form and expand your army
  • Futuristic battles with AI and drones.

Extinction Details: Bad 2 Bad


  • Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is the sequel to Bad 2 Bad: Delta, bringing more stories and a wider range of content. Extinction is the story that follows after you destroy Gorat al Llama's terrorist organization, Al Qatala, and uncover humans behind them. As the B2B Delta Team, you will fight against the Tailless Legion.

Introducing the five forces

  • In Bad 2 Bad: Extinction, you will face five new enemies: zombies known as Wilders, Purebloods, Underdogs, Amazoness, and the Tailless Legion. Each force has its own personality and story.

Survival is a constant battle.

  • You can play the game with more flexibility on randomly generated maps and clearing sub missions to earn stuff and get awards while searching for your main goal in the mission field full of Wilders to proceed with campaigns by force.

Customization of Character and Firearm

  • You have complete control over your gun and character customization. More weapons, equipment, clothes, and characters are on the way.

Create Your Own Special Forces

  • You can organize and grow your own unit in Extinction. Each enemy has a unique assault pattern and set of traits. If you get stuck, consider upgrading your equipment and switching up your strategy.

Weapon Knowledge and Expertise


  • You must learn the respective weapon talents in order to effectively employ weapons other than your main weapon. Learn the skill and progress through the competence levels to gain advantages such as greater attack strength, decreased durability, faster reloading, and better headshot accuracy.

Drone attacks and intense convergent fire

  • To properly solve the crisis, use Converging Fire and Drone strikes. The Air Drone lacks an attacking capability, yet it will undoubtedly come in handy.

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