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Bad 2 Bad: Apocolypse

Join forces with Delta Team as they save & reconstruct the world ravaged by a virus from the Human Forces!

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Game Description

'Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse' is the follow up to 'Bad 2 Bad: Delta' and 'Extinction,' boasting a larger universe and more content. Apocalypse chronicles the story of the Delta Team, led by Major Pan, who saves and rebuilds a world devastated by a Human Forces virus. Join the Delta Team on their path from survival to world rebuilding.



Enormous Open World RPG! A larger world to discover!

Survival requires exploration, gathering, fishing, and crafting!

Three times the number of items and weaponry as the previous game

Character customization and appearances are more thorough.

Explore over 60 maps and areas!

'World Missions' that take place all over the world

Build and improve your own special forces team.

Artillery, air support, and lethal drones!

Put on 'Battle Armor' and go into battle.

Improved visuals and system performance

Survival and Reconstruction

  • Upgrade your Base Camp and construct equipment to combat powerful enemy armies and virus infected Wilders to rebuild the world using the basic contents of Exploration, Gathering, Fishing, and Crafting for survival.

Customization Upgraded

  • Much more thorough customization is possible, ranging from weapon modification to character appearance. In comparison to previous games, Night Vision and several accessories have been included to expand the depth of customization.

Your Very Own Special Forces


  • With a more robust customization and squad structure, as well as the ability to adjust tactics to fit the circumstances, the value of each squad member and tactical modifications is greater than ever in Apocalypse.

Effective Support Weapons

  • The squad can include artillery assistance from self propelled artillery, air support from attack helicopters, and combat drones, as well as the strong tactical weapon 'Battle Armor,' which you can embark on and ride into battle.

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