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Atelier Resleriana

Embark on an epic adventure!

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Game Description

Long ago, the kingdom of Lantarna prospered thanks to the graces of a white comet passing overhead. Alchemy was the term used to describe the technique of harnessing the comet's benefits, and alchemists were those who practiced it.

However, as the comet vanished and its blessings were no longer available, the practice of alchemy steadily dwindled and was eventually abandoned.


After many years, two females meet in a corner of Lantarna.

One is Resna, who has discovered hope in alchemy and is on her way to the Capital, hoping to reach the World's End, where the source of the miracle is fabled to be.

The other is Valeria, a girl who has lost her memory and now lives in the city working as an adventurer for the Moonlight Society.

Behind them lurks the shadow of the Polar Night Alchemists, a terrible and mysterious society.

With their different motivations and objectives entwined, the two finally get closer to the truth that lays dormant on the continent.


New Adventures, New Protagonist

  • An epic adventure with a new protagonist, the first in four years since the publication of 'Atelier Ryza.' Join this adventure to resurrect alchemy with a cast of delightful characters!

High-Quality 3D Characters in Motion

  • The latest technology created for the Atelier series was employed to create 3D graphics that are comparable to the current console releases. Enjoy this cinematic narrative featuring stunning, high-quality characters!

Tactical, Timeline-Based Battle System

  • Simple timeline-style command battles and dynamic skill visualizations create a fun and interesting battle experience. The 'Effects Panel' contains a variety of effects that can be used to create a fighting strategy that will give you an advantage!

Easy-to-use Yet Powerful Synthesis System


  • The synthesis system, a defining aspect of the Atelier series, is designed for simple and enjoyable gameplay. Combine the attributes provided to the characters and materials to build the best solution!

Character Upgrades

  • Characters can be enhanced in a variety of ways, including employing synthesis-created items and equipment, as well as Growboards, which raise character parameters. Create the strongest and greatest party, and then start on an alchemical adventure!

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