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Follow divine wisdom alongside the Knights of Veda to recover Planis!

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Game Description

Challenge King Magnus' darkness in Planis. Follow divine wisdom alongside the Knights of Veda to recover Planis!

A timeless fantasy unfolds.


Fantasy is essentially cruel, yet it contains eerie beauty. ASTRA: Knights of Veda pushes the boundaries of fantasy as we know it.

The continent languishes under the dictatorship of 'Mad King' Magnus, wrapped in murder and sorrow. Veda's wings guide the new 'Master of the Book' as he goes out into the darkness. Take a journey into a world full of mystery and appeal, and flip the pages of a vast tale of fate intertwined.

Experience ultimate action combat at your fingertips.

  • ASTRA: Knights of Veda revives the beloved action
  • of the side-scrolling period in a modern, tactical setting.
  • Harness a variety of skills from the Knights of Veda
  • Use the Power of the Stars to tactically defeat monsters.
  • It's daring and exhilarating action at its best!

Stunning artwork brings the fantasy world to life.

  • ASTRA: Knights of Veda provides a unique artistic experience.
  • It has dark, intriguing imagery. Every element, even the smallest prop
  • Even the most imposing boss, is carefully built to immerse.
  • You find yourself in a wonderfully developed fantasy world.

Vedic Knights support you in battle.


  • Each Knight of Veda brings a unique
  • Bring talents and weaponry to the combat.
  • Choose a team that matches your play style.
  • and attempt harder dungeons.

Immerse yourself in a rich and vivid narrative.

  • Dive into a finely knit story with enormous sequences.
  • which bring an amazing adventure to life.
  • The Goddess Veda is ready to guide you on your journey.

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