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Artery Gear: Fusion

Assemble a team of mech girls to fight the evil 'Puppets' that are here to devour the world!

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Game Description

The 'Puppets' are on their way, and a full-scale conflict has begun. The mech female strategic RPG Artery Gear: Fusion invites you to the apocalypse battlefield!

Gather a group of mech girls to combat the nasty 'Puppets' that are destroying the earth. Dazzling skill special effects create a stunning and refreshing visual and audio battle feast. Plan your skill combinations and enjoy the excitement of strategic combat. More than 100 stunning mech beauties with unique traits will fight beside you. Commander, this war need your participation!



Apocalyptic Story: A dark and profound apocalyptic epic.

  • The Puppet War is about to begin, and the human world hangs by a thread, but the two remaining armies, 'Frontier' and 'Autoluna' do not trust each other and are unable to establish a comprehensive strategic agreement... The doomsday, people's hearts, and battle will gradually reveal the truth of the planet.
  • You will turn into a joint fleet formed by the two armies, the commander of 'Union', and lead the mech girl squad known as 'Artery Gear' to combat the mystery entity 'Puppet'.

Mechanical Romance: Multi-Pedigree Mech Girl

  • AmanoHa, Bobcat, Harpyia, Carrot, Purifier, and SevenS... More than 12 different genealogies and hundreds of attractive mech females in various styles await your command and deployment. Each mech lady has tremendous skills and unique settings, and hundreds of popular voice actresses such as Akari Kito, Ayana Taketatsu, and Yumiri Hanamori are on hand to help, infusing the girls with soulful voices and gratifying your love of mechanical females. Beyond imagination!

The Ultimate Display: immersed in a novel battle experience.


  • The high-quality team built exquisite 3D x Spine x new lighting workmanship, fully emancipated the characters' attractiveness, and provided a genuine sense of apocalypse conflict. From stunning skill special effects to powerful animations, from precisely rendered character portraits to vast and magnificent battle scenes, you can expect an unparalleled visual and audio feast.

Strategic Collocation: Tactical command hot blood battle

  • Hundreds of characters with thousands of skill combinations; three attribute restraints: Molten, Thunder, and Crystal; Striker, Tactician, Balancer, Guardian, Healer; and a free combination of five jobs. Use ideas and tactics to build the most powerful warrior squad to face the ever-changing battlefield! The game also has an intelligent agent fighting mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly play in space time and enjoy!

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