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Arrr! Pirate

Arrr Pirate Arcade Platformer is a tough but addicting pirate game in which you can explore the seas, battle foes, and collect treasure!

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Game Description

Prepare to play the best arcade game as a pirate, complete with nonstop action and nail biting thrills. Be the stealth pirate hiding in the shadows, using knives in a traditional game to recover your ship. Crush your opponents and corsairs in this dark fantasy game. Battle enemy soldiers and corsairs equipped with swords, firearms, and lances, employ stealth in dark shadow to catch adversaries off guard, cross the planet, and face the ultimate boss to reclaim your stolen ship.



  • You can leap, move right and left, up and down, and fire weapons.
  • Kill adversaries by throwing knives at them or by using your sword attack.
  • Your mission is to reclaim your stolen ship.
  • Collect jewels, gold coins, and anchors to raise your score and unlock new levels.

Everything is perfectly designed for you to have a great time! We warn you that this is not a simple adventure game, so good luck!

Arrr! is an incredible, addictive, and one of the best action games with a simple game play. Good luck in your venture for a high enough score to make old pirate king of pirates.

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