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APEX Racer

Racing, tuning, personalization, and the greatest of automotive culture - all in pixel form!

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Game Description

Racing, tuning, personalization, and the greatest of automotive culture. All in pixel form!



APEX Racer uses the 2.5D approach to create a fascinating retro aesthetic... with a twist. Experience classic aesthetics with a modern twist, as well as 3D visuals that set it distinct from the competitors.


APEX Racer tries to provide the most authentic picture of tuning culture possible. There are dozens of cars and hundreds of parts available to help you plan and build your own ride. Customize your project car with our powerful tuning system, express yourself, and make your car stand out. New components are always being added, so there's always something for everyone!



Race to the top with your one of a kind car, travel the highways with other racers, outrun the opposition, and conquer the leaderboards.

We're just getting started, and there will be plenty more new content in the future! The development team is working hard to bring new content, game modes, and features to APEX Racer. Join the community, communicate with other racers, share your ideas and opinions, and provide feedback so we can make APEX Racer the best it can be!

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