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Ant Smasher

Protect Your Food From the Encroaching Army of Ants!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)


Game Description

The Ants Come Marching In

Don’t those dang ants just bug the heck out of you? They crawl around through your house, get into your food, ruin your picnics, and otherwise just make a nuisance of themselves. With Ant Smasher, you can now finally take your revenge on them anytime and anywhere with your touchscreen mobile device!

Vent your rage on the insect world by squishing those lousy bugs by the hundreds. They won’t fight back, they won’t bite, they won’t swarm you, and they won’t call PETA. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about washing the bug juice from your hands when you’re done. Even the most squeamish among us should be able to get a kick out of Ant Smasher.


Smash Those Ants!

The object of Ant Smasher is easy. All you need to do is smash ants! It seriously does not get any simpler than that.

  • Tap ants with your finger to squish them on the spot.
  • Kill big soldier ants by tapping them multiple times.
  • Kill the ants before they reach your food and spoil your picnic. Every ant that gets there won’t just eat your food; it will eat your life!
  • Smash a variety of insects, including ants, flies, pill bugs and more.
  • Avoid tapping the bees and hornets. They’ll sting you and end your game on the spot, regardless of how many lives you have.
  • Bugs move in increasingly erratic patterns and at progressively faster speeds. Stay on your toes.
  • Features lifelike visuals of living insects and exaggerated squishing sound effects that provide greater satisfaction in smashing them.

Get the Power-Ups

Bugs are not the only things you will by grinding into paste. You can get a variety of goodies that will help your ant-smashing endeavors by leaps and bounds, provided you’re quick enough the nab them. Just tap the power-ups with your finger and they are all yours!


  • Squish 1-Ups to get an extra life.
  • Crush descending numbers to add that corresponding value to your score.

There’s Always a Reason to Come Back

Ant Smasher may have a simple premise, but it has plenty of ways to mix up its formula, and even more ways to make you keep coming back for more.

  • Play Classic mode to experience Ant Smasher as it was originally intended. Squish bugs, avoid stingers, and keep them out of your food.
  • Play Fun mode to play a more forgiving game. Touching bees won’t end your game; they will only take away a life.
  • Play Kids mode to play an easier game where the bugs move much more slowly.
  • Play Baby mode to experience the thrill of just crushing bugs left and right. There’s no need to worry about dying here; just smash those ants with complete impunity. Great for relieving stress.
  • Get a high score and post it on the online leaderboards. See if you have what it takes to be the best insect crusher in the world!

It’s Smashing

Ant Smasher provides good and literally clean fun for the morbid minds among us. By physically venting on the tablet or smartphone of your choice, you can teach those bugs that get on your nerves a lesson they won’t forget. It’s also a fun game that anyone can easily pick up and learn to play, from pre-school children to the elderly. Even your pet lizard can get in on the action! Get Ant Smasher; it’s a smashing game!

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