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Angry Birds Go

Pick Your Favorite Bird, Tune Up Your Kart, and Join the Race!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)


Game Description

Ready. Set. Go Angry Birds!

Who wants some cake? The Bad Piggies have decided to hold a go-kart race where the winner will receive an entire cake all to him or herself. Naturally, nearly every pig jumps at the chance to join in, but when their enemies, the Angry Birds, catch wind of what's going on, they decide they want in on the fun as well. Join the colorful cast of Angry Birds in a remarkably unusual experience.

Rather than fight their never-ending egg war, you will help the birds win the ultimate racing championship for porkers. Pick your favorite bird and fine tune your chosen kart with the finest junk you can find to make a lean mean downhill-racing machine. Can you beat the pigs at their own game? Drive to the finish line and find out!


Driving is for the Birds

While the Angry Birds may not have nearly as much driving experience as the pigs, they can still move a kart downhill with the best of them.

  • Features crisp and colorful three-dimensional graphics that bring the characters to life.
  • Start the race by launching your vehicle from a slingshot. Don't do it too early, or else you'll be penalized.
  • Tilt your device to steer your vehicle, or use the touchscreen controls.
  • Drive angrily. Crash into your opponents to send them veering off course.
  • Collect coins on the track to purchase upgrades.
  • Hit boosters to temporarily increase your speed and leave the competition trailing behind.

Take Care of Your Kart

The good news is that the karts are made from the pinnacle of piggy engineering. The bad news is that doesn't amount to much. It's a miracle that any of these things even stay put together, let alone roll down a hill. If you want to get that cake, you'll have to pony up the coins and upgrade them.

  • Pick from over a dozen different karts, each of which have different appearances, initial statistics, and top attributes.
  • Improve four statistics for your vehicle: top speed, acceleration, handling and strength.
  • Unlock newer and better karts by fully upgrading your current ones.
  • Recruit over a dozen familiar faces to your team of racers, including Red, Stella, the Blue brothers, King Pig and more! Each character has a unique ability to bring to the table.

Choose Your Race

Many different kinds of races await you in Angry Birds Go! In true Angry Birds fashion, each one is graded based on your performance, so give it your all.


  • Play a standard Race against seven other opponents. Try to reach the finish line in first place if you can.
  • Challenge a single random opponent in a race to the finish in Versus mode.
  • Race against the clock in Time Boom mode.
  • In Fruit Splat, collect as much fruit as you possibly can. Whoever can get the most fruit wins the game.
  • Beat a challenging racer in Champion Chase. If you can defeat them, you can play as them.

Don't Stop Now

Angry Birds Go! shakes up everything we know about the franchise by putting everyone's favorite bad-tempered avians into a completely different place: behind the wheel. The game offers solid driving action, strategic car customization, endless replay value, and all of the humor and charm we've come to love from Angry Birds.

Hop into the driver's seat, load up the slingshot, and fling yourself to the finish line with Angry Birds Go!

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