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Ancient Planet Tower Defense

Use powerful ancient technologies to stop the enemies attacks!

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Game Description

An ancient civilization's citadel has been besieged by hordes of extraterrestrial raiders.

Use powerful Ancient technologies to repel the enemy's soldiers' attack.



  • Classic Tower Defense for people who enjoy classic games
  • Constructing towers in any open space on the field
  • 40 distinct levels
  • A plethora of unique adversaries with unique characteristics
  • In addition to everything else, the game allows you to upgrade your towers. New enhancements allow for the selection of exceptional strategies at each stage. Even the foundation may be improved
  • Improvements can be restored and distributed at any time for free, and you will receive all of your emeralds back
  • The plot is based on the recollections of soldiers of interplanetary battles
  • Our artist personally visited the old planet in order to replicate its picture in the game
  • Character voices sound exactly like real ones
  • The game was created on the orders of the High Council of the Galaxy's Intelligent Civilizations
  • There was supposed to be one more feature here, but it was rejected by censors, so we replaced it with an advertisement: Galactic energy drink 'Improviser' with rocket fuel extract will reduce fatigue and shorten your life by a couple of years, 'Improviser', for a lively and quick life

An added bonus:

Offline games aren't very common these days, but we've wiped the crap out of our server and you can now play wherever you want as long as your battery is charged.


So, how did we fare?

  • A approach that does not require the use of the internet!
  • Offline, you can fight in a jet, a ship, or even a submarine!
  • Ad free games are particularly difficult to find these days, so what do you think we did?
  • That's correct! We decided not to include advertisements. Except for the Improviser, which we made ourselves, there is no advertising.
  • The game is also available on the Armor Games website.

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