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Amikin Survival

Hunt, craft, and fight alongside cute monsters on your quest to become a champion!

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Game Description

In 'Amikin Survival,' a mix of strategy, survival, and RPG experiences, you'll immerse yourself in a world of exploration and magic. In your quest to become a champion, you'll hunt, craft, and battle charming monsters. Create and evolve in an open-world game packed with tales, adventures, and memes. Begin your survival adventure today!

Amikin Allies: Collect Them All!


  • Explore the woods in search of Amikins, mysterious creatures with incredible abilities and adorable personalities. These loyal companions are critical to your survival and success, providing a mix of entertainment, strategy, and surprising friendships that bring color to your adventure. Assemble your own crew and prepare for a voyage full of adventure game thrills and anime charm.

Home Base Haven: Automate with Magic!

  • Transform your base from a basic shelter into a mystical command center, where your Amikins will rule. Their distinct skills make creating and automating activities easier, enriching ordinary life with a touch of enchantment and the cleverness of game design. Witness your base transform into a bustling hub, owing to the inventive spirit of your Amikin comrades.

Power-Up Parade: Merge and Breed!

  • Tap into your Amikins' evolution and growth by merging similar types to strengthen their skills and breeding them to inherit top-tier qualities. This strategic boost makes your team battle-ready, upgrading each Amikin to champion level. Participate in this gratifying process by taking inspiration from the best RPG games.

Epic Explorations: Fantasy and Sci-Fi!

  • Set out on a huge adventure in 'Amikin Survival's enormous world, where secrets abound and a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi thrive. Arriving from another realm, you bring a blend of technology and magic to this planet, resulting in gameplay rich with discovery equal to the most immersive open-world and adventure games.

Meme Magic Guarantees Laughter!


  • 'Amikin Survival' combines the cuteness and whimsy of anime with the strategic intricacy of RPG games, all while delivering a punch of fun through meme magic. Enjoy lighthearted escapades and chuckles at pop culture references, making your journey one of laughter and delight.

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure?

  • 'Amikin Survival' appeals to you by combining the excitement of anime games, the depth of strategy games, and the attractiveness of building games in a mystical atmosphere. Build your base, grow your Amikin team, and explore a world full with daily surprises. Download today and embark on a legendary voyage full of magic, difficulties, and the warmth of friendship. Your journey in the realm of 'Amikin Survival' begins today!

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