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Almora Darkosen

An old school hack & slash fantasy RPG

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Game Description

A vintage hack and slash action role-playing game combat and visuals built out of passion by one person!

The fantasy themed hack and slash role playing game, Almora Darkosen features a vintage aesthetic. Examine various areas on the enormous Almora Island:


Towns, crypts, caves, deserts, farms, marshes, forests, dark forests, and others...


  • Thirteen languages
  • An authentic retro ambiance.
  • Almora Island's lengthy history.
  • Over 100 quests, including main quests and minor quests with in-depth plotlines.
  • Around 1500 unique goods, including swords, axes, shields, helmets, armor, minerals, keys, and many other including. includes common, improved, rare, special, and legendary items.
  • Mining and digging: Look for ores of minerals like gold, silver, or iron. Explore the entire island's hidden areas and dig out some hidden chests.
  • Crafting: Create your own items and improve them to rare, unique, or enhanced. Create fresh concoctions, combat or defensive essences, unique keys, and more! Almost 300 item combinations are available.
  • Inventory with deposit
  • Mercenaries: Engage a mercenary and have monsters battle alongside him.
  • Monsters: Battle bosses and various creatures with a variety of special skills, such as flying, crawling, calling forth other creatures, performing spells, poisoning, reborning, healing, disappearing, and more.
  • Boats and portals: You can always utilize a rented boat if you've had enough of wandering.
  • Minigames: Play Almorian minigames at the taverns and secret locations to earn gold and tokens.
  • NPC: Discuss all NPCs' backstories and quests with them.
  • Employ both passive and active skills. Fire or poison are your two available talent paths. You can use your healing skills to heal both yourself and your mercenaries. Select between melee and ranged combat based on your preferences.
  • A game's information base or encyclopedia: A list and statistics of every item found. statistics and descriptions of monsters. All discovered item combinations are listed in the crafting book.
  • And many, many more...

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