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Airport Simulator

Your objective as an airport CEO is to create and arrange inside and external areas, sign and manage airline agreements, and control passenger flows and satisfaction

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Game Description

Your objective as an airport CEO is to create and arrange inside and external areas, sign and manage airline agreements, and control passenger flows and satisfaction.

  • The airport is a metropolis in its own right. To welcome your aircraft, you will need to construct, organize, and update your airport infrastructure.
  • Create your plan, negotiate dozens of collaborations with airlines, handle contracts, and cultivate connections.
  • Your passengers are on their way from the city! Manage passenger flows beginning with their arrival, providing them with pleasant infrastructure and a variety of stores in which to shop. You'll enhance their spending as well as your revenues. Will you be able to satisfy them?
  • Manage everything, including passenger inflows, air traffic control, check in counters, security checkpoints, boarding gates, flight scheduling, and aircraft boarding.



  • Build your terminals strategically, including the apron, taxiway, runways, fuel stations, food production sites, check in offices, security checks, boarding gates, passport control posts, coffee shops, and more. You can also customize your airport with a variety of products!
  • Organize your airport to fulfill the expectations of your passengers and improve your services to speed up operations, increase revenue, and provide a higher degree of comfort, which will impact your relationships with partner airlines. The airport is comparable to a metropolis that must be controlled!


  • Determine your airport strategy, balancing low cost and premium flights. Choose between regular and charter flights, short and medium haul aircraft, and the option of establishing general aviation routes.
  • Form alliances to limit the number of planes at your airport. You enhance your relationship with the partner airline every time you sign for additional flights on top of an existing contract.
  • Create bonds: each flight will have a signature bonus! However, if you sign too many trips and are unable to keep them, you risk harming your relationship with your partner and losing the contract.
  • Select from our 3D airplane models to meet your contractual commitments.
  • Create a 24 hour timetable and arrange fights up to two weeks in advance.


  • The level of pleasure of your passengers will have an impact on your partnerships. To get points with airlines, make sure your services, runways, flight schedules, fleet, and employees are all at their best.
  • Take into account aspects such as the quantity of check ins and lateness. How many passengers were able to board the plane?
  • Are you sticking to your take off and landing schedule? Is your runway's condition forcing you to be late? Are your passengers getting on and off the plane on time?
  • Have you planned your airport services, including refueling, catering, and luggage handling, efficiently? These services may cause scheduling delays. Was your plane properly refueled? Did your catering service have enough vehicles to distribute to all of the planes? Are your partner airlines pleased with the services you've offered?

Now is the time to build your airport and become the finest airport CEO!

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