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Now you can be the hero of your own story

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Game Description

AI Dungeon is the best AI game for creating fantasy, adventure, anime, and mystery worlds. With AI Dungeon, you can play any scenario.

Have you ever wished to be the protagonist of your own story? You can be with AI Dungeon. Roleplay in any scenario you can think of, with artificial intelligence providing an infinite number of possible interactions for your character. Lead an army against an extraterrestrial invasion, or become a mythological detective investigating the fairy queen's assassination attempt. Play the role of Dungeon Master in your own Dungeons & Dragons campaign. In AI Dungeon, there are no restrictions on what you can do.


An Experience Only AI Can Provide

AI Dungeon is the world's first open ended text based role playing adventure game. It employs cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to produce endless material on the fly, providing you with an entirely new and dynamic experience each time you play. AI Dungeon is also the first app to use in app Stable Diffusion for image production.

Define Your World

You can roleplay in any situation or world you can think of in AI Dungeon. Choose from established worlds created by other people, or utilize our quick start method to create your own unique world. You may also utilize the AI generator to generate a randomly generated planet for you to explore.

Take the Initiative

As the protagonist of the quest, you have control over what your character says and does. The AI will generate responses from other characters or occurrences in the universe for you to reply to. Every adventure is one of a kind and surprising.

You are the hero of your own AI adventure in AI Dungeon. With endless alternatives at your disposal, it's up to you to save the day.

Select a Genre

With so many options, deciding on the type of adventure you want to embark on might be difficult. We've listed some of the most popular genres below to help you decide. Choose your favorite and get started!

Fantasy: Anything is possible in a fantasy world of magic and adventure. Will you save the princess from the dragon or depose the evil king?

Mystery: Investigate crimes and uncover conspiracies using your detective skills. Can you apprehend the murderer before they strike again?

Zombies: Fight for survival in a zombie infested environment. Will you save the day or succumb to the infection?

Apocalyptic: The world is coming to an end. Can you find a way to keep going?


Cyber Punk: Anything is conceivable in a future society of advanced technology and artificial intelligence. Will you save the planet from wicked megacorporations or become your own great CEO?

In AI Dungeon, the options are limitless. What are your plans?

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