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Age of Origins

Zombie tower defense at it's finest!

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Game Description

In this zombie strategy MMO, players can kill zombies, create alliances, and bring human civilisation back from the verge of extinction.

The zombie apocalypse reduced humanity to its caveman ancestors. The light in the darkness is now YOU. By building up vast armies of weapons, explosives, and hardy human troops, SURVIVE. Kill the zombie hordes, rebuild your city, save the refugees, and bring wealth to the world to REVIVE civilisation. SUCCESS by building alliances with other global commanders, annihilating your adversaries, and capturing the Capital to lead the next era of humanity!


Because in Age of Origins, human schemers and backstabbers pose a greater threat than the wandering dead!


  • Hire, invent, and kill! Build enormous human grunt armies, deadly machine guns, and cutting-edge laser weapons.
  • Heroes come out on top! Recruit interesting people to command your army, such as a hot international spy, a crazy scientist, a decent sheriff, and more!
  • Fight death's myriad guises! Your challenge is awaited by mutant zombies, zombie bears, death mothers, and other horrifyingly dead animals.
  • Real topography, please! A REAL 3D map with lakes and mountains must be skillfully traversed as you march and expand. The proper path makes all the difference in life and death!



  • Get rid of the undead hordes! Reclaim your city block by block, rebuilding schools, homes, farms, and tech and weapon hubs alongside!
  • For more prosperity and to keep your city expanding, scavenge for loot and rescue refugees!
  • Watch the World Map transform right before your eyes! You'll be able to access brand-new Prosperity Phases with improved gameplay, larger bonuses, and an advanced universe!


  • Move quickly, crush, and DOMINATE! With real-time fights with hundreds of people marching and convergent as one, your alliance will control the map!
  • Create massive alliances through diplomacy, violence, or trickery with players from the real world. The danger from zombies is only the beginning!
  • Fight fierce clan warfare over territory, resources, and technology. The President can only be chosen by ONE alliance in the capital!

Do you, Commander, have what it takes? The fight for LIFE has just begun!

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