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Age of Apes

As the world of humans ends, the Age of Apes begins!

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Game Description

The human era has come to an end, and the Age of Apes has begun! Monkeys are fighting to send rockets into orbit in pursuit of...bananas! Join the greatest Horde, battle other apes, and become the first monkey to explore the galaxy!

Glorious rewards await those who are brave enough to fight in Age of Apes!


  • In this free MMO strategy game, manage your outpost, develop an army, become the most powerful monkey in your Horde, and lead them to war!
  • Take use of fantastic new social capabilities to collaborate with Alliance members, exchange game photos, and personalize them with attractive stickers!
  • Check out our in game TV channel for live game news and coverage of your own deeds!
  • Explore a world of interesting ruins, steal, fight, and maneuver your way to success with your Rocket!
  • From battling White Mutants to stealing valuable resources from rival Hordes, you can help your monkey Horde in a variety of ways and become the hero of all primates!
  • What tactics will you employ to win this post apocalyptic space race?


  • Select from one of the five legendary Hordes to join an elite pack of monkeys.
  • Guard and lead convoys of valuable commodities to charge up your Rocket!
  • Fight other Horde's monkeys and participate in large PVP wars!
  • Make friends with other Alliance members!


  • Create or hijack resource convoys from other Hordes.
  • Expand your outpost to rule the monkey world.
  • Build your own army and train the strongest monkeys!
  • Make plans to beat the other Hordes in the Rocket race!



  • Meet our fantastic monkeys, ranging from Roger the Intendant to Junior the scary Horde Leader.
  • Travel through a post apocalyptic world full of surprises.
  • Engage in PVE battles against the dreadful White Mutants.
  • Explore the entire area, discovering ancient ruins and massive bosses!


  • Strategize with your allies using our revolutionary, one of a kind social system!
  • A thousand words are worth a thousand pictures! Capture images of the game and customize them with amazing stickers and drawings!
  • Become a renowned monkey, gain a large following, and follow other primates!
  • Tune in to our in game TV news channel for real time coverage of game events, including your own!

Are you monkey enough to have a good time in this insane Age of Apes?

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