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Aero Tales Online

Choose between Heroes and Villains as you embark on an epic adventure!

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Game Description

Embark on an exciting adventure in Aero Tales Online: The World, a popular MMORPG with over 11 language localizations available worldwide.

Choose your preferred weapon - Sword, Blade, Bow, Wand, or Staff - and personalize your character with limitless combinations for a unique experience. Choose from the Heroes and Villains factions, then select a class such as Warrior, Samurai, Archer, Ranger, Wizard, or Witch.


Improve your combat abilities by forming combos and crafting your own battle style. Join a guild with people from all around the world, or go off on your own. Aero Tales Online provides complete freedom through a range of events such as ranking arena battles, sudden conflicts, pet racing parties, castle wars, guild wars, faction wars, and more. With over 100 maps, jobs, marriage, fly system, fishing, trading, and other features, the possibilities are limitless. And the best part? The game is completely free. There are no pay-to-win or auto-play features.

Discover the fascinating and beautiful world of Aero Tales Online, where years ago, a hero named Kenzo captured the Key of Skylight and defended the Aero people. However, when the Evil Emperor snatched the key, chaos ensued. The Aero people appealed to real-world heroes to restore peace.


The Aero World is packed with surprises, with over 50 Easter eggs and puzzles to find. Aero Tales Online, developed in collaboration with other prominent game producers, features surprising hidden things. The mystery never stops!

Begin your epic MMORPG adventure today with Aero Tales Online.

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