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Set out on a fantastic journey through West Africa to find the fabled wealth of the richest man in history, Mansa Musa

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Game Description

Set off on a remarkable journey through West Africa to discover the fabled wealth of Mansa Musa, the wealthiest individual in history. You will take on the role of a youthful explorer looking for adventure, wealth, and notoriety as the player. As you investigate the mysteries of Mansa Musa's wealth, your journey will take you through far-off places, dangerous terrain, and historic sites.



  • Adventurers is a fast-paced adventure game that combines shooting, riddles, and exploring aspects. The game's many locations, including crowded marketplaces, cities, islands, deep forests, and scorching deserts, will be navigated by you. To advance through the game, you'll need to avoid obstacles, adversaries, and traps while looking for clues and figuring out riddles.
  • The fundamentals of the game revolve around your ability to move quickly and cleverly through the many locales. You'll have to use your jumping, sliding, climbing, and swinging skills to get past obstacles and find hidden gems and artifacts. You'll find new skills and tools as you go through the game that will aid you in overcoming difficulties that get harder and harder.


  • Discover colorful and intricate places all over the world, such as Venice, Egypt, Timbuktu, Mali, Somalia, and the Sahara Desert. Gather priceless items and antiquities, such as riches, rare gemstones, and antiquated artifacts. Through the game's many puzzles and hints, find the secrets behind Mansa Musa's fortune.
  • Take on tough opponents in exciting boss fights. Upgrade your tools and skills to take on more difficult tasks. Explore every crevice and niche in each level to find mysteries and hidden regions. Savor the lifelike images and engrossing sound design that bring the Mansa Musa universe to life.


  • West Africa is the setting for this gripping adventure game on mobile devices. This game will captivate you for hours on end with its captivating storyline, rich graphics, and difficult gameplay. Thus, prepare for an incredible treasure search by grabbing your phone and donning an adventurer's cap.

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