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A Way to Smash

A Way to Smash is a unique puzzle fighting game

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Game Description

A Way To Smash is more than just fighting, in which you kill foes and battle opponents. Each level in this game is a true puzzle! The game is a one of a kind genre that combines 3D action and logic.



  • There are 150 different stages and encounters with adversaries of varying difficulty awaiting you. Complete all of the puzzles! Master your tactic and reasoning abilities, or enjoy the beauty of action games with a solid battle arsenal. You choose the winning plan!


  • You can take on the role of a viking, a hitman, or even a cyberpunk samurai. And that's not even all of the characters available! Earn points for each battle to unlock more. Each character has a distinct appearance as well as a weapon. Attack your opponents with a rifle, a bat, or a sword, and make your fights unforgettable!


  • You only need a strategy and logic to succeed, but if you're weary of puzzles and just want to battle in the arena, don't worry! Use free powers to go over any challenging encounter and enjoy realistic fight physics!


  • Select different characters and add additional weapons to your armory. Every character has their own set of free skills. You can fire, utilize a shield, or kill many foes at once, whether they are bosses or common opponents, and a samurai can be invisible like a ninja, so enemies do not react after your turn.


  • Diversify your games by utilizing one of the powers, the influence of which on the game is difficult to overestimate: if you have a bomb, make an explosion, and the power 'Path' will show you the road to victory. Earn money by fighting foes, gaining capabilities, and utilizing free character skills!


  • Fast learning allows you to become used to the game, and if you're looking for simple relaxing games, A Way To Smash is the greatest option among many fighting games, because you can fight foes without needing to connect to the internet in offline mode. Even without WiFi, you'll have a terrific time!



  • Immerse yourself in a 3D universe where nothing can distract you from fighting. Incredible sound effects, realistic fight dynamics, and high quality animation will satisfy you in this fantastic fighting game.

A Way To Smash is available for free on devices that do not have internet access.

From the designers of Glory Ages: Samurais and Slash of Sword comes an enhanced version of the renowned A Way to Slay.

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