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3D Bowling

Enjoy the Age-Old Game of Bowling in a Convenient and Portable Package!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)


Game Description

It’s Always Time to Go Bowling

Do you know a good and simple way to pass the time? The old game of bowling is always an excellent choice. Anyone can play it, it’s easy enough to learn, and it can be enjoyed between two people, an entire team, or just by yourself. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can just play at a moment’s notice. You need a clean and maintained bowling alley, you need to wear the right kind of shoes, and you need to carry around at least one of those incredibly heavy balls. There’s absolutely nothing portable about bowling at all.

That changes today! 3D Bowling delivers the full bowling experience to Android and iOS smartphones everywhere. Now you can bowl whenever you feel like; while flying on an airplane, while waiting in the dentist’s lobby, or while in the comfort of your own living room. Roll the ball down the lane and knock over as many of those pins as you can in a quick, safe and reliable environment.


Bowl as You Know

3D Bowling follows the rules of standard bowling that we’re all familiar with. Roll a ball down the lane and knock over as many pins as you possibly can within 10 frames. It’s a simple game that has been passed down through history in some way, shape or form for what may be over 2000 years, and it’s now available in an all-new format that makes it as fun as ever.

  • Features crisp and immersive three-dimensional graphics.
  • Use your finger to decide the initial placement of the ball on the lane.
  • Roll the ball down the lane with a simple flick of your finger upon the screen. The angle and length of your stroke will determine the path and momentum of the ball when it rolls.
  • Add a curve to your swipe to give your ball an added spin.
  • Try to stay out of the gutters on either side
  • You have two chances to knock over all ten pins in a single frame.
  • Earn more points if you can get a strike.
  • Includes automatic scorekeeping. There’s no need for you to put up with that possible tedium in 3D Bowling.
  • Play by yourself or invite a buddy over for a hotseat game.

Customize Your Game

Thanks to 3D Bowling’s digitized format, you can make your game look however you want if the regular old bowling alley stuff just isn’t doing it for you.


  • Choose your background. Play in a regular modern day bowling alley, across a stretch of slippery ice, in a galactic lane made out of stars, and so on.
  • Roll with over a dozen different bowling balls. Pick your favorite color or take a ball with a more distinctive design painted onto it.

Record Your Statistics

3D Bowling is always watching how you play. It will keep your various statistics and accomplishment up to date so you can see what skills need to be practiced and how much your game has been improving over time.

  • Monitor over a dozen statistics. Check your highest score, your average score, your total number of strikes, your greatest number of consecutive strikes, and more.
  • Upload your high scores to the online leaderboards and show everybody what an awesome bowler you are.

It’s a Strike!

3D Bowling lets you enjoy the timeless sport anytime you feel like and in any place. It’s got a lot of the skill involved and packs it all up in a bite-sized digital package that should be much easier to carry around than even the lightest bowling ball. It’s also a lot more economical than the real thing, considering that it’s free. Pick up a ball and start knocking those pins down in the stylish alley of your choice in 3D Bowling!

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