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Enjoy the iconic World War II ambiance in this arcade shoot'em up!

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Game Description

Enjoy the iconic World War II ambiance in this arcade shooting game.

It's World War II, the story takes place in 1942, and you play as 'Super Ace', a daring fighter pilot. There are 20 stages to complete, and the goal is to reach Tokyo and destroy the Japanese air fleet. Before reaching the main city, you will pass through Midway, Marshall, Attu, Rabaul, Leyte, Saipan, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. At every level, you begin and end on an aircraft carrier. Then, with your plane, you fly to battle foes on land and sea, shooting them all down. After destroying particular plane formations, you have access to a variety of power-ups that boost your firepower and survival chances. There are various power-ups available, including two machine guns, two side planes, extra loops, and more.



  • Screen slide controls the plane.
  • Choose your preferred plane and become a flying ace!
  • Press the 'lighting' button to launch special lightning attacks.
  • Choose boosters to make starting easier.
  • Defeat foes and become a war hero!


  • 20 hard stages of aerial warfare
  • Massive End Level Bosses
  • Three game modes: Normal, Hard, and Crazy
  • Various enemy kinds
  • Numerous upgrades and unique gameplay
  • 5 distinct planes, plus more
  • Retro arcade-style feel
  • Simple controls

Enjoy fantastic air combat anytime and anywhere!

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