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Super Wild Wild Words

Make words from scrambled letters and solve the Hangman puzzle. 2 games in 1!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Fast-paced action has you spelling words under pressure.
  • Two modes of play offer different styles of play.
  • Hangman aspect adds a fun element while increasing the difficulty.
  • Strategic brain exercises that strengthens your vocabulary.


  • One difficulty setting might make the game too hard for younger spellers.
  • Speed of the blocks is really fast even after spelling big words.




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Game Description

YeeHaw! Ready to rustle up some words?

You'll have to be quick on the draw to make words out of letters as they fall. But don't worry, they don't have to be adjacent -- just so they make a word.


  • "I love this game, it is fun, exciting and fast paced. It helps build vocabulary and makes you think about the time you have and what words you can think of. It is fun for the whole family. I would not hesitate to let teenagers or children play this game. I t can keep someone etertained for hours. Thank you for having this game on your web site." - Ana Maria Bloom, Wild Wild Words Player

Make bigger words and the blocks will fall more slowly. As you make words you'll be earning badges you can trade for guesses at the hangman word to get you to the next level. Other great power pieces include free guess Keys, First Aid, Gold and TNT.

What makes Wild Wild Words stand out from other games of this type is how it incorporates 2 games in 1. Not only do you get to make words, you get to play the ever lovable hangman at the same time. This is a stellar effort from Gamehouse and an instant classic.

Super Wild Wild Words Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Super Wild Wild Words is a Western themed word game that has you roping letters to form words. As you construct words they disappear and after a sheriff's badge reaches the last row you earn a guess at a hangman clue. Super Wild Wild Words is a fun word game that incorporates a hangman aspect.

Basic Gameplay

In Super Wild Wild Words you click on letter blocks to form words of up to 12 letters. Blocks need not be adjacent to form a word so all the letters on the screen are available for you to use. As time passes blocks drop and fill the screen. If they reach the top of the screen, you lose. Longer words benefit you in two ways. They are worth more points and they slow the rate at which the other blocks drop.


Among the letters are different “power-ups” that benefit you in multiple ways. For example, the sheriff's badge give you a chance to guess the hangman word, or the golden key gives you a letter in the hangman clue. Once the power-ups reach the bottom of the screen you get a guess at the unknown word. You have six tries before your hangman is hung.

Game Modes

This game offers two varying game modes that keep the game interesting, while adding different dimensions. The first mode is a high action game. In this mode letters are constantly falling and speed up depending on the length of the words you form. The differing power-ups are used to help you with the hangman aspect, and once a sheriffs badge reaches the bottom level you earn a guess at solving the unknown word. You might feel a high level of pressure in this game mode because the of the constant dropping of letters. Regardless of your ability to use any letter on the screen this mode proves to be difficult.

The second of modes is more turn based. Letters do not drop at a constant rate in this mode, but rather after each word you form. This causes you to form words of six letters or greater. You are able to form shorter words, but after each turn six new letters drop. If you do not keep forming longer words you eventually lose because more letters are being added than taken away. This mode also has the hangman aspect and the same power-ups. You earn chances to solve the mystery word once sheriff's badge reach the bottom.


No Difficulty Adjustment

Despite this game's unique and multiple aspect gameplay (playing both hangman and other word games), certain parts of the game are flawed, limiting the audience. The biggest problem with this game is that it has only one difficulty level. The rate at which letters drop is not adjustable so this game may be too difficult for younger spellers and too easy for more educated and experienced ones. If you could adjust the falling rate of the letters this would be more accessible for a greater audience, thus making it better.

Conclusion - A Nice Blend of Hangman and Spelling Games

Overall, Super Wild Wild Words is a fun cowboy themed word game that improves your vocabulary, while being entertaining. Having only one difficulty setting makes this a challenge for younger spellers, however, the hangman aspects along with deciphering words outshine this flaw. You are going to be spelling words, improving you mind, and scanning your brain to figure out the tricky hangman problems. If you are a fan of word games and also like hangman, you must give this a try.

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