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Attention Boggle and Word Game Fans - This is a Must Play!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Timed rounds makes you think on your feet in order to figure out the longest words.
  • Very challenging
  • Two game modes are perfect for players wanting both a pressure and relaxed game.
  • Play for six or seven letter words.
  • Dictionary that defines words.


  • No varying difficulties.
  • Can only advance if you figure out the longest word.
  • Could easily get old.




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Game Description

Editor's Update (10/28/14) - Though we have discontinued this game, give Super Text Twist 2 a try!

Have a Great Time Improving Your Vocabulary with Super Text Twist!

One of the best word scramble games out there, Super Text Twist has a very simple premise. You're given a set of letters - spell as many words as possible with them!


The game includes thousands and thousands of words from 3 to 7 letters long, so you won't get the same set of letters twice in any round. The longer the word you spell, the more points you get!

It's great for learning new words and expanding your vocabulary.

Ever played Boggle, another classically addicting word game? Super Text Twist is a lot like that, only with more to it!

Two Game Modes Provide More Enjoyment

The Puzzle Mode in Super Text Twist is not timed, so you can take as long as you want each round. See if you can think of every word to be made in the entire round!

Action Mode, however, is timed - you're in for a pressure-packed spell-a-thon where you need to get one of the longest words to pass the round and move on. If time runs out, game over!

Challenge friends and family to beat your high scores, or work together as a team to get the ultimate score!

A Stimulating Brain Workout for Any and All Ages!

By combining fast-paced action with a word scrambling theme, Super Text Twist does the improbable (impossible?) . . . it makes spelling fun!

Have such a good time you won't even realize that you're building your mind while playing.

Anyone who plays - kids, teenagers, students, non-native English speakers, and adults - will come away from Super Text Twist with a more complete grasp of the language, and a great experience to boot!

Do you have or know children who don't like spelling, and like practicing spelling even less? Super Text Twist just might be the answer to the problem. Give the kids a turn and they're hooked. It's a game for the whole family!

Super Text Twist is Very Easy to Learn

You can choose to include only 6 letter words, only 7 letter words, or both, and the whole game is presented with a clean, easy-to-use interface.

The brilliance of Super Text Twist lies in its simplicity, learning potential, and entertainment value.


There are few games these days which pack such exciting punch into such an unassuming package, but Super Text Twist is definitely one of those games.

You've got these letters: R, W, T, X, T, S, U, T, I, E, P, T, S, and E. What does that spell? SUPER TEXT TWIST!

Super Text Twist Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Super TextTwist is a straightforward word game that forces you to rack your brain and figure out as many words as you can in a 2:30 time frame. You will unscramble and “twist” the letters given to figure out as many of the three, four, five, and six letter word combinations you can. Make sure you get the coveted seven-letter word, otherwise your game will conclude and you will not advance to the next level.

Scramble Letters = Scrambled Brain!

The simple object of Super TextTwist is to form words from the letters provided. You must find at least one word that uses all the letters to continue playing to the next level, and bonus points are awarded for figuring out all the words on a given level. Despite the easy premise and simple gameplay, Super TextTwist is not to be taken lightly. This unassuming word game packs a big punch. Figuring out words is not as easy as it may seem, especially given the time restraints.


Timed and Untimed Modes

Super TextTwist offers two game modes that differ slightly, yet are similar in playing style and difficulty. The first mode is an unlimited time game. In this you are given either six or seven letters (can be adjusted) and you have to spell out words. This mode gives you the luxury of time, however, all the words must be figured out before you can advance to the next level. This might bring about a lot of frustration, especially if you are stuck on one word.

The second mode is a timed challenge mode. This has you racing against a clock. You have 2:30 to figure out one word that incorporates all the letters given. If you do this you advance to the next round regardless of the other words you find. Twisting the letters (scrambling them in a different order) can help you figure out different word combinations because changing the letter order can give you new insight. The timed element brings a lot of pressure and increases the difficulty immensely.


Can Be Difficult For Younger Players

The major drawback to this game is with the difficulty settings. You cannot adjust the difficulty so this becomes a game for older users. The pressure and the wide range of words may make this too difficult for younger players. Also, because the game is the same level to level, it could easily get old. You might find yourself getting bored after playing for an hour or so. This game is addictive and you are certainly going to enjoy playing, however, it is best in small doses. Continual play can get slightly monotonous.

Conclusion - Recommened For Those Looking For a Challenge

Overall, Super TextTwist is highly recommended. If you are a fan of word games such as Boggle or Bookworm, you are going to love this game. Be warned, it can be difficult to find the big words and advance, but if you are looking for a challenge don't hesitate to play this game.

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