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How many different ways can you REARRANGE letters to form words?

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  • What's Free - Play game for 100 minutes.
  • File Size - 14 MB
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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Online mode allows you to compete with people around the world.
  • Database that contains worldwide rankings and standings.
  • Relaxed single player mode that has you earning puzzle pieces as you spell words.
  • Word Duel mini-game that incorporates elements of fast action into the relaxed gameplay.
  • Upload your own pictures.


  • Puzzle element with pictures is not explained or incorporated very well.
  • Only one difficulty setting.
  • Online play feels more disconnected than in other games.




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Game Description

Jig Words will give you a sequence of random letters ask you to work on forming as many words as you can from the given letters. For example, if you were given the letters ESLTUH you could spell HUT or THUS or SHUT or SLEUTH. There are many combinations of letters you can use. After each word, a piece of a puzzle will disappear to display a photo for your viewing pleasure. You can even upload photos of your own family into this game.

This game is great for family fun. Jig Words will help develop a better vocabulary and quicker critical thinking skills.


Jig Words is an addicting game that will have you scratching your head trying to find more word combinations. If you PURCHASE this game you might have to SEARCH UP for ways to rearrange your letters! There's two modes to play: 'Jig Words' mode challenges you to find all the possible words and includes exciting 'Word Duel' bonus rounds. 'Letter Racing' mode places you in competition with 3 other players to see who can find words the fastest! Try Jig Words today and see your vocabulary increase in a fun game atmosphere.

Jig Words Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Jig Words is a game that has you unscramble and form as many words as you can from a series of random letters. The game offers two modes of play: a relaxed single player mode and a more intense online challenge. In this game you form words to uncover pieces of a picture. The more words you spell, the more of the picture you unveil for your viewing pleasure. This is a fun word game with online capabilities.

Basic Gameplay

There are two distinct modes of play in this game that provide hours of play. You can play the normal Jig Word and work at your own pace, or you can play Letter Racing, a mode that pits you against three online opponents. Jig Word has a simple premise and gameplay. Letters are presented to you and you click on them to make words. Valid words uncover more pieces of the puzzle picture. When the picture is complete, you advance to the next level, repeating the same steps.


As you advance you may run into a mini-game like “Word Duel.” This adds a speed element into the otherwise relaxed game. You have to race a clock to uncover puzzle pieces before they get covered up. Reward pieces and hints that give you a letter in each of the unknown words are also available in this mode.

Timed Mode for Extra Challenge

The second mode is titled Letter Racing. This is similar to Jig Word, but rather than spell every word in the puzzle, you spell as many words as you can as fast as you can to uncover puzzle pieces. The faster you type and the longer the words you use, the faster your picture is unveiled. Speed is crucial because you compete in five rounds against three actual people around the world. Online players tend to have more experience than you might expect, so be on your toes and type as quickly as you can. After you compete, your rankings and stats are posted to an online database so you are able to see how you fare against other competitors. These stats are a great tool that can help you improve.

Uploading Your Own Photos Keeps Things Interesting

One cool feature about the picture element is the option you have to upload your own photos. As you play you can work towards uncovering pictures of your family, pets, kids, etc. This added incentive makes the game more personal and gives you more motivation to find large words quickly.

Core Game May Not Be Interesting to Some

Other than being able to add pictures of your own, the photo element of this game seems out of place and unincorporated. Typing words to see a picture of a basketball hoop or balloons (images from the game) seems pointless. If you earned points for being able to figure the pictures out before time ended or if there were other tasks you could do that incorporated the pictures to a greater degree the game would be much better.

Also, aside from the pictures, this game only has one difficulty level. This limits the game, especially in the fast paced online mode, Letter Racing. Multiple difficulties would open this game to a wider range of participants, thus making it better.


Conclusion - A Good Choice For Those Who Like a Fast Paced Challenge

Overall, Jig Words is a fun word game with a fast paced online challenge that is balanced nicely with the slower and more relaxed untimed mode. The ability to upload and incorporate your own photos makes this game touch people on a personal level, even if the picture element doesn't fully make sense.

Having only one difficulty setting makes this game more limiting for less advanced spellers, however, if you are looking for an online challenge or a relaxing single player experience, this game is for you.

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