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Family Feud

The Amazingly Fun TV Game Show Now For Play On Your PC!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Great audio qualities reflect the game show nicely.
  • Three difficulties make game accessible to all players.
  • Challenging categories will make you think on your feet.
  • Game will correct typos and accepts similar words (movie also works for theater).


  • Announcer does not read the questions to you.
  • The 'Average Score' you are competing against is completely random.




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Game Description

Ever watch Family Feud on TV and know you could do better? Here's your chance!

One of the most celebrated, longest running television game shows of all time is now available for you to play on your computer!

The rules are straightforward: they've asked a simple survey question to a hundred people, and it's up to you and your team to guess the most popular answers. The more people who thought like you, the more points you get.


Experience all the high-stakes fun felt by thirty years of Family Feud contestants!

Example Survey Questions:

  • Name something a cat has that humans don't
  • What food is New York famous for?
  • Name something that gets engraved

As far as questions go, Family Feud comes with over 2,000 different questions with more than 10,000 answers that will keep you playing for a long time!

Be quick with your answers!

Just like the show, you only get a certain amount of time to come up with an answer. Submit a word or phrase that isn't one of the five or six designated answers and you'll get a strike; get three strikes and the round is over.

The game lasts four rounds, but if your score is high enough you'll move on to the bonus Fast Money round!

Multiplayer options give Family Feud lasting appeal

Play by yourself and go up against the game's average score and your own past high scores, or grab a friend to play with either on the same team or as opponents.

For the truly authentic Family Feud game show experience, invite an entire other family over for some Family Feud fun!

It's a great family game - it's in the name!

Recreate the chaos and fun of the game show in the comfort and privacy of your own home! Try to think of the top answer with the rest of your team shouting madly in the background.

Got one worth 42 points? "Good answer! Good answer!" On the other hand, if your answer isn't listed you'll hear gasps and groans from your teammates, and cheers from your opponents!

Family Friendly Survey Questions & Features

You don't have to worry about any crass humor or inappropriate topics.  The questions and answers are all family friendly and general enough to be understood and answered by players of almost any age. You can allow everyone on the team to huddle before each answer, or give each person an individual crack at it. The entire game is specifically geared towards family play, which shouldn't be a surprise - it's Family Feud!

Graphics and sound give you the full experience!

Each aspect of the game stays true to the original. Detailed graphics brilliantly capture the same look and feel of the game show, from the game board to the score board and everything in between.

As if that's not enough, the game's sound further immerses you in the amazing world of Family Feud!


Family Feud's customizable features let you pick your preferences

You can increase the amount of time available to get your answer in to make up for those precious seconds needed to type it. Or, for the ultimate challenge, decrease the time allotment so Family Feud plays like a game of lightning rounds! When playing alone, turn the sound down or completely off for greater concentration.

Through the years, Family Feud has been one of the most popular game shows on television. Today, it's played and watched in many languages and countries all across the world, so join in and get a piece of the action and download Family Feud!

Family Feud Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Family Feud is a classic survey and answer game that has you thinking on your feet to provide the most suitable answers for the different categories, while racing a timed clock. The game is broken into 4 rounds with increasing point value. In it you compete head-to-head against either the computer or a second player. This game's play is similar to the popular TV game show and is worth your time.

Single or Multiplayer Feuding

In Family Feud you compete against other players to answer questions more accurately and quickly. The multiplayer mode has you and a friend duking it out, coming up with answers to popular survey questions. In the multiplayer mode you and your competitor both pick team names and you are referred to as different families. You compete head to head in four rounds with increasing point value and the first to 300 points advances to the “Fast Money” bonus round for a chance to win an additional 20,000 points. This game has you raking your brain for the right answers while simultaneously making you anxious because of the time constraints.


As far as rules and objectives are concerned the multiplayer mode is identical to the TV game show. The only drawback of multiplayer is the non-existent online play. Rather than matching up against random players throughout the world, you are forced to either play a friend on the same computer or against the computer. Online capabilities would open this game up to endless possibilities, making it much more competitive and enjoyable.

If You've Seen the TV Show, You Know What to Expect

The rounds of Family Feud are almost identical to the actual game show if you've seen that before. There are four rounds. In each you need to come up with the most common answers to a question that was posed to 100 people. Questions may be along the lines of, “We surveyed 100 people and asked them to give us the most common words or phrases that comes after the word 'hot'.” You then type your responses in hopes of uncovering all the answers. “Hot Dog” might be a response, along with “Hot Tamale” or “Hot Tub.”

The difficulty level determines how much time you have to give an answer. On the hardest setting you have 12 seconds to come up with and type your answer. The easiest setting gives you 30 seconds. This should be plenty of time for even the slowest typers. The first two rounds are worth 100 points while third doubles the point value, and the fourth round gives you three times the points. This increase in scoring is helpful, especially if you have a bad round in one or two. After regulation the winner (first to 300 in multiplayer or biggest score in single player) advances to the Fast Money round for a chance to win 20,000 points.

Fast Money

Again if you've seen the game show you should be well prepared for Fast Money. In this round you have 2 turns to answer 5 questions. You must have a combined score of over 200 points in this round to win and collect the big prize. The game gets its title “Fast Money” from the time constraints you face. In the first round you have 40 seconds to read and answer 5 questions. This may seem easy in reading, but the added pressure in the moment, especially with the music, makes this a tough feat. After the 40 seconds, your answers are scored and the next round begins. The next round is easier because you are already exposed to the questions and you have an additional 5 seconds. You again answer the same questions, this time with different responses, and your answers are scored. If your totals from both rounds add up to over 200 you win the bonus and the game is over.

Minor Flaws

Despite all the things that make it great, Family Feud does have a few minor flaws. None of these flaws are giant problems, however, improving upon them would make the game better. It would be great to have the announcer read the questions aloud. Individually reading the questions may slow players down. Some might also find it extremely stressful having to read, process what they just read, and give an intelligent response within the time restraints. Announcing the questions would help alleviate this problem as well as bring about a more game show-like feel.


Not having an online multiplayer mode is also a limiting factor of this game. Playing against the computer in single player can become tedious. Also, it does not give you that sense of competition playing against others can give you. An online mode would make this game have more depth, thus making it more enjoyable to play.

Conclusion - We Say "Play the Feud!"

Overall, this download of Family Feud is a great game that makes you think. Any fan of the TV game show must play this. The actions and puzzles are almost identical to that on TV and the excitement you experience is comparable to the families you watch compete. If you aren't familiar with the game show you still need to give this a chance. It's a word game that has you thinking on your feet in pressure situations. This is definitely worth your time and it will keep you playing for hours on end.

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Gameplay Video

Watch highlights from the Family Feud game for PC. Can you guess the top answers to the survey questions?

 Video of game play for Family Feud


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Fast Facts

  1. This version of Family Feud was released on June 16, 2005.
  2. This digital edition of Family Feud was developed and published by iWin.
  3. There have been many Family Feud games developed across a variety of platforms over the years, but iWin's version only plays on Windows computers.
  4. Other Family Feud games by iWin include Hollywood Edition, Holiday Edition, Dream Home, Online Party, FaceBook, Battle of the Sexes, and Family Feud II.
  5. iWin has produced an assortment of games for casual players like Mah Jong Quest, Coconut Queen, Garden Defense, and the Jewel Quest series.
  6. The original game show has been one of the longest-running TV shows in history. It's been running off and on the air ever since 1976, going so far as to revive after each cancellation.

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