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Zoo Vet

Grab your bag and your wits as you get ready to save zoo animals on your way to becoming the head vet!

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  • File Size - 16 MB
  • Play It On - Win XP/Vista/7


Game Description

Experience the Work of an Animal Doctor!

Zoo Vet introduces you to life at the zoo with the ability to care for a ton of different animals!


Being a zoo vet is an adventurous and exciting job, as you will soon find out as you watch a baby flamingo take her first steps and stick your head in a hippo's mouth!

Doc - the Animals Need You!

Travel around the zoo performing check-ups on cuddly otters and dangerous lions, and treating wobbly penguins and hyper zebras. Gather vital facts about each animal by talking with the zoo keeper and team up with a vet tech to use the examination tools for investigating any mysterious ailments.


In an emergency, you will jump in with treatment tools and rescue animals from harmful conditions. In the office learn amazing animal facts and download fun screensavers to your computer.

As you become a more knowledgeable and successful vet, you'll earn awards and praise from fellow team members and rise in ranks to become the zoo's most valuable vet!

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Fast Facts

  1. Zoo Vet was released on December 1, 2004.
  2. Zoo Vet was developed and published by the Los Angeles-based developer of Legacy Interactive.
  3. The game had a sequel released in 2007 that goes by the name of Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals.
  4. Other games developed by Legacy Interactive include Brain Spa, Ghost Whisperer, Clueless, Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep, and House M.D.
  5. This game is available for the PC and Mac.

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