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Tabloid Tycoon

Take a tabloid from a sensationalist paper that is unsuccessful to a sensationalist paper that rules the industry!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • 4 modes of gameplay are interactive and will keep you busy.
  • Tutorial clearly explains game's intricacies.
  • Not only will you compete to finish level objectives, you also compete against other tabloid competitors.


  • Actions like assigning stories and photographers to different leads can become monotonous.
  • Sales are unpredictable and competitors prices are hard to estimate.
  • You are constantly being sued for your articles and settling them makes you lose credibility.




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Game Description

Well, Atari is back at it and again have delivered a fun gaming experience. In Tabloid Tycoon you will be making your own tabloid. Yes, you will choose your reporters, sabotage rivals, pick your stories and even decide how and what to buy. In this fun game you will laugh at some of the story lines and you can choose to run the empire or choose specific missions. The choice is yours.

Get the real dirt or just get filthy rich! Dark secrets revealed or just made up stories? It's up to you. You are going to be deciding between your bottom line and your credibility. If your integrity is too low... no one will buy your stories and you will quickly go bankrupt!


You will find crazy situations you are faced with, hilarious stories and an asssortment of wild characters to help make this gaming experience hours of fun.

It's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well, sort of.

Tabloid Tycoon Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Tabloid Tycoon is a business simulation that will have you earning your salary and building your income through the production and distribution of a “trashy” tabloid magazine. As editor you will assign reporters and photographers to different leads, hire freelance writers, sabotage the competition, and settle the endless court cases your “less than credible” stories may incite. Take the reigns as editor of this tabloid and make it a great success, earning lots and lots of money along the way.

Basic Gameplay

As you begin the game you are given a small amount of start-up money which you will use to buy a staff of writers and reporters. Hiring these employees will get the ball rolling on the research and development of stories. The staff will vary in skill, as do the leads they must uncover. It is best to put your best staff members on the hardest stories to make sure the stories come out as accurately and truthful as possible. As your stories develop, you will become more successful.


Upgrade Your Tabloid Producing Power

Upgrading your staff as well as your tabloid will become necessary for growth. Upgrades you can purchase will consist of adding pages and thus stories to your paper, hiring better writers who are more accurate, and purchasing devices like recorders that will help with getting the full story. Other upgrades that come with less integrity, but are a facet of the game are espionage and blackmail. As your business grows you can cut out the competition through spying, stealing leads, and blackmail.

Fill The World With Gossip 4 Different Ways

Tabloid Tycoon is divided into four interactive game modes. The first and most important to start with is a tutorial that explains the intricacies of the game. As far as gameplay is concerned, Tabloid Tycoon is relatively distinct from other tycoon games, so playing the tutorial is highly recommended, especially for newer simulation users. A second option is a free play mode that allows you to grow your business in an objective and challenge free environment. You will be able to earn more than you could fathom, and you will do this without scenarios or objectives. The next mode is the “enterprise” mode. This mode has longer drawn out objectives that will take hours to complete. A cluster of objectives exists in this mode and the goal of it is, like the title states, to build a tabloid enterprise.

Scenario mode is the last of the gameplay options. This is made up of about 10 different scenarios that are shorter than the objectives in enterprise and require you improve the publics perception of your tabloid or publish the perfect paper. All these game modes require a similar style of play, however, you might play faster in scenario mode than in enterprise because of its shorter length.

Compete Against Other Gossip Rags

One aspect of the game that sets this business simulation game apart from others in the same genre is the competition factor. This game will have you not only competing to complete each level's objectives, but also will have you competing against the other top level tabloids. Competition between your rivals becomes fierce, as you compete for both sales and story leads.

Public Relations (PR) becomes important when dealing with the competition because this is how you gain information about their sales and hopefully tarnish their reputations. PR, another term for espionage, is your department that spies on your competitors and tries to blackmail them. Spying is crucial for getting the best leads and setting yourself up for success, while leaving your competition in the dust.


Elements Outside Your Control are Frustrating

One aspect of the game that becomes annoying is it's unpredictable nature. You will find yourself completely oblivious to what your prices should be in relation to your competitors. You might not know how well your paper was put together and how much money it will make, and you may find yourself getting fed up with how often you will get sued. Lawsuits are an annoying aspect of the game because of their unpredictability. There is no real way of knowing whether you will be pinned with a lawsuit or not and if you are sued, knowing whether or not to settle or take it to court is also a crap shoot. Lawsuits can tarnish your reputation, which is unfortunate because they are typically out of the blue and there is nothing you do can to prevent them.

Conclusion - Recommended Only If You Have An Interest

Overall, Tabloid Tycoon is a pretty good game that you will more likely than not enjoy. The game will not blow you out of the water with great graphics, but the simple gameplay and interface will keep you content and satisfied. If you are a fan of growing a business, especially if that business is related to the news or tabloids this game is perfect for you. The flaws are minor and are easily forgotten with the money you will earn and the success of your paper.

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