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Sea World Adventure Tycoon

With Sea World Adventure Tycoon, you are not a guest it's up to you to run the whole show!

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Game Description

I hope you are ready to be busy! As you start this exciting game, you will be answering questions from guests... "When will the rollercoaster be done?" ... "What about the animal shows, are they ready?" ... "I am hungry, what food do you have here?" ... It will be your job to make sure all the guests are happy!

This is not as easy as it sounds! You will have to hire workers, come up with attractions, decide on rollercoasters, place attractions in a logical sequence, and make money! As you make one decision, you may be eliminating another option that would be profitable. Choose wisely and your park will be the destination of the nation. Choose poorly and go bankrupt!


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Fast Facts

  1. SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon was released on October 22, 2003.
  2. SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon was developed by Deep Red Games, which has since been renamed to DR Studios.
  3. This game has spawned a couple of sequels called SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon 2 and SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon 3D.
  4. Other games made by DR Studios include High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever, Hospital Tycoon, Vegas: Make it Big, and Tycoon City: New York.
  5. This tycoon game is only available for PC.
  6. The game has been downloaded from CNET nearly 50 thousand times.

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