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School Tycoon

From groundbreaking, to the hiring of staff and recruiting students, make your school the envy of the nation!

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Game Description

Back to the glory days, except this time a person with real insight and saavy is running the show: you! In School Tycoon, you will have a chance to do what you always wanted to do, but was unable to back in High School.

You will hire and fire teachers, administration, and even janitorial staff. In this game you will have to attract and retain students too. This will be accomplished through adding entertainment options, upgrading the cafeteria and other administrative decisions.


Choose the Challenge mode or choose the Instant action mode.

In Challenge mode, there are 24 different challenges (8 for beginner, intermediate and advanced play)! You don't have to finish one challenge to unlock another; this is nice because if a challenge doesn't keep your interest, you can just try another!

In Instant action mode, you simply jump right in and begin to build your mega-school.


You will have some tough decisions though. You may have to decide to expel a student or fire a staff member and then see the morale challenges that can cause. Peek into classes, check on your staff, train your teachers, choose locations, build bigger rooms, and have great control over a fun concept.

In School Tycoon, run your school the way you want to!

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